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"There will be war, and the streets of your home will flow red with the blood of our enemies, whoever they may be."
Nyssa al Ghul to Laurel Lance.

"Sins of the Father" is the thirteenth episode of the fourth season of Arrow, and the eighty-second episode overall. It aired on February 10, 2016.



Nyssa shows up at Thea's hospital bed to bargain with Oliver. She proposes that the would cure Thea with The Lotus in exchange for Oliver killing Malcolm.

Felicity meets with her father over coffee. He reveals that he knows about her association with the Arrow. Felicity finds out that her father is the Calculator and tried to decimate Star City.

John and Laurel try to talk Oliver into killing Malcolm but he is hesitant because despite all of the bad he has done, Malcolm is still Thea's father. Oliver believes that he can convince Malcolm to give the ring to Nyssa, making her Ra's Al Ghul. Laurel goes to convince Nyssa that this is a good idea.

In a flashback, Taiana is upset that Oliver saved her but killed her brother. Oliver tells her that he has something that Reiter wants (the stone). Taiana is upset and takes it from him, shouting for a guard to summon Reiter because she has something he will want, in exchange for her freedom.

Malcolm and Oliver meet on a rooftop. Malcolm doesn't believe that Nyssa has a cure for Thea. Laurel arrives at Nyssa's hideout to talk to Nyssa. Nyssa asks about Sara and Laurel tells her that she's doing well. Laurel proposes that Malcolm gives up his power as Ra's Al Ghul and Nyssa give The Lotus to Thea. Nyssa agees to them but says that would never happen. Nyssa then brings in many assassins and threatens to slaughter all her enemies in Star City if Malcolm doesn't agree to give up his title.

Team Arrow meet and debrief each other. Oliver is optimistic that Nyssa and Malcolm can make peace without blood spilled. Felicity tells the team that she met with her father and that he was the villain they went up against before. Felicity says something about a test which inspires an idea in Oliver about getting Malcolm to bargain.

In a flashback, Reiter is upset that an inmate has summoned him and asks to see what the fuss was about. Oliver pleads her not to show him but she does anyway. Reiter takes the stone from her and does not let her free. He orders her to care for Oliver as if he were her own brother.

Oliver visits Nyssa while she is training with her assassins. Nyssa is upset that Oliver didn't bring Malcolm and Oliver asks her for proof that the Lotus is real. Nyssa sees that as a stalling tactic. She orders an assassin to bring a piece of the Lotus for proof. Oliver removes Thea from the hospital and takes her to the basement of his campaign office where Dig gives her the Lotus sample Nyssa gave them. It helps her and Malcom asks what Nyssa's terms are to get the rest.

Felicity's mother arrives at Oliver and Felicity's loft and Felicity tells her about seeing her father. This does not go over well with Donna. She is adamant that Noah would only be there to hurt Felicity. She tells Felicity that people don't change, no matter how much you want them to.

Malcolm meets with Nyssa and her assassins for the trade. Malcolm decides to ambush her and the assassins in an attempt to keep his title and obtain the Lotus. They fight and Nyssa calls on her followers to retreat. Malcolm goes to follow but Oliver, Laurel and Dig block their escape peacefully. Dig encourages Oliver to kill Malcolm.

Laurel tries to convince Nyssa that violence is not the answer when they are ambushed. Many civilians are injured. Oliver shoots Nyssa with a tranquilizer dart. When she awakes in a cell in Arrow headquarters, Laurel tries to convince Nyssa to give them the rest of the Lotus.

Malcolm refuses to bow to Nyssa and requests he be by his daughter's side when she passes. Malcolm reveals that he knows about Oliver's son William.

Nyssa and Malcolm prepare for trial by combat. Just as they are about to begin, Oliver steps in and requests to fight on his wife's behalf. Malcolm tells Oliver that he will have to kill him. Oliver instead cuts off his hand and knocks him out. He removes the ring and trades it for Nyssa's Lotus potion.

Thea takes the rest of the potion and is feeling better.

Felicity meets with Noah and turns him over to the police after giving him a speech about how him leaving broke her.

Nyssa calls Laurel, Oliver and Malcolm together and throws the ring into the fire after announcing that she has disbanded the league. Malcolm goes off on Oliver, saying that he isn't going to kill him because death would be too easy a punishment for him.

In a flashback, Reiter comes back to the cell to announce that they will dig at daybreak.

Oliver asks Felicity to marry him again, this time asking why were they waiting. They decide on a small ordeal with friends.

Malcolm calls Damian Darhk and gives him information about Oliver. He tells him that Felicity isn't who Oliver cares about above all else, but his son William.


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Preparation ran from November 23 until December 3, 2015. Shooting ran from December 4 until December 15, 2015.[citation needed]



  • Laurel tells Nyssa that Sara's soul was restored, something Nyssa didn't appear to know. However, in a flashback from the DC's Legends of Tomorrow​​ episode "River of Time", it was revealed that Sara had visited Nyssa at Nanda Parbat shortly after leaving Star City.
  • Malcolm is revealed to have first met Thea when she was four months old. However, since Malcolm had left Star City for two years[1] shortly after his affair with Moira and Thea's conception,[2] he wouldn't have met his daughter until she was at least a year old.