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"She could be every bit as great as you."
"And she could get shot at before breakfast, tortured before lunch, and knocked unconscious before dinner also like me."
Barbara and Carolyn on Dinah's future.

"Sins of the Mother" is the fifth episode of Birds of Prey. It aired on November 6, 2002.




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Carolyn Lance

When Carolyn Lance arrives in New Gotham City, a street hood calls Frankie Spitz to inform him; Spitz then informs Al Hawke that she has been found and he will deal with her. Carolyn surprises everyone in the New Gotham Clocktower when Dinah reveals that she is her mother.

Dinah, who demonstrated telekinesis during her training session, tells her mother of her time during foster care; Carolyn, one of the first female super heroes, replies that she came to retrieve her because she is now retired from crime-fighting and acknowledges her greatest mistake. Moreover, Carolyn does not like Helena Kyle, the daughter of a thief around Dinah.

Meanwhile, Spitz has killed the street hood for failing to capture Carolyn, causing the New Gotham Police Department to become involved, Jesse Reese, in particular. When Huntress asks Jesse about the crime, he asks her to leave it alone. The next morning when Carolyn learns of the victim, she orders Dinah to come with her because Carolyn wants to avoid Hawke; however, Dinah runs out the back door.

Dinah goes to No Man's Land Collectables where Gibson Kafka tells her stories of her mother's past; becoming upset, Dinah causes a drink to spill with her telekinetics. Carolyn arrives and tells Dinah why she gave her up for adoption. Meanwhile, Hawke gives Spitz a power-dampening collar to stop Carolyn's canary cry. When Dinah gets upset and runs outside, she doesn't notice as Carolyn is captured by Spitz.

Dinah is calmed by Barbara when she returns home and learns of her mother's disappearance. Helena sees Jesse and he gives her a possible location of where Hawke might have Carolyn. Barbara believes that Dinah is battle-ready and allows her to be back-up for Huntress. At a riverside warehouse, Carolyn is tied to a machine designed to constrict her to death; Hawke purposefully breaks the machine so that it cannot be deactivated. While Huntress fought Hawke's thugs, Dinah knocked him unconscious, but she could not stop the machine. Suddenly, Hawke grabbed Dinah; she then focused her telekinesis on Carolyn's collar, breaking it. Black Canary blasted everyone around her with a canary cry that stopped the machine and allowed the women to escape the rifle fire that Hawke sent their way. The warehouse exploded as Black Canary covered the escape of Huntress and Dinah.

At the hospital, Hawke is under police guard when Jesse visits him to tell him that he will assure that he will be in prison. Hawke tells his son to call his mother.

The other team members support Dinah as she mourns Carolyn.


  • "Revolution" - Aimee Allen ("My Remedy" on home media release)
    • Opening credits.
  • "The Wish" - Josh Canova


  • This episode's title is a play on the Biblical phrase "Sins of the father" where a child inherits traits and flaws from the parent.