"All right, sisters of Eve. Whichever one of you is hanging around, it's time to reveal your pretty mug."
John Constantine[src]

Sister of Eve is a group of powerful demonic entities which are indeed sisters of Biblical Eve.


In the Biblical times God created several possible candidates for Adam to marry including Lilith, Lamashtu, Durgia, Naamah and Eve. While he proposed to each one of them, only Eve agreed to become his wife, while other sisters preferred to join Satan as the goddesses of Hell.[1]

As far as John Constantine's knowledge goes all of the Sisters of Eve were still active in late 2014, which made him unsure which one he had encountered in Mexico City, until she revealed herself as Lamashtu.[1]

Known members

Current members



Behind the scenes

  • Although Lamashtu, Lilith and Naamah were taken from actual mythologies, the Sisters of Eve is a creation of Constantine writers. Durgia is also not evident in any known mythology.


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