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"Sistery Mystery" is the second chapter of the comic book series Adventures of Supergirl. It was released digitally on February 8, 2016.



Using physics, Supergirl attempted to stop the D.E.O. helicopter from crashing to the ground, with Alex Danvers reminding her about the civilians below. While saving the helicopter, Kara crashed into several cars outside the National City stadium. Afterwards, Alex got out of the helicopter to check if Supergirl was okay, finding her under rubble, though Kara signaled with a thumbs up that she was alright.

In a D.E.O. truck, Kara x-rayed Agent Hix, alerting him of several hairline fractures, though nothing serious. Alex then informed Kara that the perimeter had been swept, with no causalities in their tactical team, and only a few bumps and bruises when getting people to evacuate the stadium, as they were frightened. After Kara questioned why Rampage had even disrupted the Football game, Alex notified her that the D.E.O. satellites had lost the alien in the chaos.

At that moment, Winn Schott made his presence known over the intercom, telling Kara that while the D.E.O. didn't have eyes on Rampage, someone had posted a vine of Rampage smashing up a park behind David & Frank's. After thanking Winn, Kara informed Alex that she had a lead, and her the D.E.O. tactical team went to the park, standing outside of a sinkhole that went to the sewer system. Alex then ordered Agent Price to inform H.Q of their location, and to stand watch. Kara and Alex then went into the sinkhole, and while walking through the sewers Kara commented on Alex taking charge and willingness to get dirty, in comparison to when they were children. Alex then told Kara that since joining the D.E.O. and finding out what happened to her father, she had to get her hands dirty to lead.

After an hour of searching, Alex questioned Kara whether her super abilities were picking up on anything. Kara then told Alex that in the stadium she could hear Rampage's heartbeat, whereas in the sewer all she could hear was the water. While the two walked through the sewage line, Kara noted that she hadn't been briefed when she went into the stadium, and Alex seemed to know a lot about the alien, leading Alex to reveal that Rampage and her sister had been Alex's first assignment as a D.E.O. agent, and it was because of her that Rampage's sister had perished.

Rampage then jumped out of the water and onto the platform Kara and Alex were standing on. She grabbed Alex, throwing her down into the water. Though Kara attempted to fly after Alex to catch her, Rampage grabbed her by the head noting that she was Alex's sister, and fled with Kara in her clutches. Alex then angrily resurfaced from the water with her gun.