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Slabside Maximum Security Prison, also known as Slabside Penitentiary, is a maximum-security penitentiary located in the United States.


In 2013, Stanley Dover was arrested for mass murder and send to Slabside.[1]

In 2018, Oliver Queen was imprisoned in Slabside for crimes of vigilantism committed as Green Arrow.[2] Later, with the help of Dinah and the Laurel Lance from Earth-2, Oliver was released.[3]


Level One

This Level is the Main Level for every inmate of the prison. This is the level where most prisoners are.

Level Two

Only the most violent are sent to Level Two. This level was never made public due to the fact that it was used to store the more violent inmates who've descended into their more violent nature. They received treatment from Jarrett Parker, who only wishes to turn them into mindless drones; never planning to release them. The prisoners are constantly abused for even the slightest aggression

When Oliver Queen and Talia al Ghul managed to expose the truth about Level Two, it was closed down and all inmates being held there were sent back to Level One.

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