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"Slade's goal is to create an army of human weapons using the Mirakuru."
Oliver Queen[src]

Slade Wilson formed an army of Mirakuru-enhanced individuals, gathered due to the activities of the Church of Blood. This army was founded, created, and led by Slade Wilson to partake in The Siege to destroy Star City and to get revenge on his former friend, Oliver Queen, over his indirect role in Shado's death.


This army of super soldiers were loyal to Slade. Their goal was to destroy Starling City so Slade could get revenge on Oliver, for being partly responsible for the death of Shado.


Slade kidnaps Oliver's maternal younger half-sister Thea, as a distraction, in order to keep Oliver from finding out what he was up to; Slade frees the prisoners from a prison transport vehicle that was destined for Iron Heights Prison, killing the two security guards that were also in the vehicle. He then makes the prisoners an offer, (off-screen) they can join his army or they can spend the rest of their lives in prison. He reveals to Thea that Malcolm Merlyn is her biological father, and that her mother, Moira and her maternal half-brother have known about her true parentage for years, and were never going to tell her the truth, (however he was lying about Oliver knowing for years, when he had only found out recently). He destroys and damages her relationship with her mother and her half-brother.[1]

After Oliver and Team Arrow destroys Queen Consolidated's Applied Sciences Division, Slade realizes that he needs a new way to mass-produce the Mirakuru, so he goes to the Arrowcave and battles against his former friend and the latter's team, giving Sara Lance a broken wrist in the process, in order to steal the Skeleton Key from Team Arrow so he can access any lab to get the equipment he needs. He kills a security guard at the Starling City branch of S.T.A.R. Labs, but he fails to kill Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow, but he still steals the biotransfuser, and retro-fits it for the Mirakuru. Instead of there being a 50% chance of individual surviving being injected with the Mirakuru without being injected with a sedative first, he modified it so it will happen to the machine instead of the individuals. He captures Roy Harper, and knows that the moment he turns the machine on, Oliver will find out where he is, and having the machine drain a huge amount of his blood will leave him vulnerable, he uses Roy's blood instead. However, after Oliver rescues Roy, Slade is forced to use his own blood.[2]

Slade ordered his soldiers to be in certain positions of Starling City and attack the citizens at random, at nine o'clock.[3]

Slade's soldiers continue their attack on Starling City, killing random citizens, creating mayhem and chaos, when one of Slade's soldiers kills the district attorney, Kate Spencer, in the presence of Sebastian Blood, despite Sebastian ordering this soldier to the contrary, the soldier replies he only takes orders from Slade, Sebastian takes what happened to Slade, who replies that he promised to get Sebastian elected, but never promised to call off his soldiers or not to destroy Starling City, Sebastian then steals the cure for Slade's Mirakuru, giving it to Oliver. Slade uncovers this and orders Isabel Rochev to kill him for his betrayal.[4]

Oliver, Sara, Roy, Nyssa al Ghul and the League of Assassins battle against Slade's army, curing them and taking away their Mirakuru powers, with syringe arrows that had the cure in them, however, Slade takes Laurel Lance and Felicity Smoak hostage, Oliver goes to meet Slade, who says that he keeps his promises, he tries to make Oliver decide between Felicity and Laurel, Oliver asks Slade about his hallucinations about Shado, he tells Slade that Shado was a very kind and brave individual who would not approve of the monster that he had transformed into, then a flashback reveals that Oliver brought Felicity to Queen Mansion on purpose to say a fake "i love you!" to lure Slade in, who had been watching the mansion ever since his first visit, the flashback also reveal that Oliver discovered one of Slade's cameras after his mother's murder; in other words, it was a trap set by Oliver for Slade. While distracting Slade, Felicity injects the cure into Slade, ridding him of his Mirakuru powers. Slade and Oliver then battle, however, unlike their last encounter on the Amazo, Oliver chooses not to kill him; partly because it would just prove that Slade is right, that he is a murderer, and mainly because it is the right thing to do.[5]

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