The Fuselage is an abandoned airplane that served as the hideout of Slade Wilson and Oliver Queen's during their time on Lian Yu.


When both Slade and Billy Wintergreen were sent to Lian Yu, and later trapped in Lian Yu, Slade began using the aircraft as shelter and hiding place. It contained some military equipment and the weapons such as guns and swords.[1]

Partnership with Oliver Queen and Shado

After Oliver was sent by Yao Fei to the plane, Slade started a partnership with him to improve their chances of survival, and possibly escape the island. As a consequence, Oliver went to live on site. [2] It was where Oliver was momentarily trained by Slade. Subsequently, to save Shado, the daughter of Yao Fei, she also began to inhabit the plane. Also, Oliver, by using his college knowledge of technology, was able to fix the plane's radio so that the team (Slade, Shado, and Oliver) would be able to listen to Fyers' conversations and orders.

Ivo arrives on the island

Five months after the destruction of Fyers' operation, Oliver, Slade and Shado remained living on the plane until a series of pirates invaded the island, with an unknown purpose. After discovering that a series of deformed Japanese bodies from World War II, the plane was attacked with missiles by a vessel off the coast of Lian Yu. Oliver ended up captured, while Slade was seriously hurt. Later, it was revealed that a Japanese submarine was sunk off the shore of the Island, carrying a human enhancing serum. The pirates, led by Anthony Ivo, search for the submarine in hope of completing their mission.

Oliver's return to Lian Yu

Oliver used the fuselage after escaping Starling City, feeling that he failed to stop the Undertaking. It was also where Felicity Smoak and John Diggle had stayed to convince Oliver to return to Starling City.[3]

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