Slam is a genetically modified hybrid drug created by Baron Reiter, consisting of half heroin poppies and half cocaine leaves, intended to give the user a high.[1]


Slam crops on Lian Yu

Slam crops cultivated under Reiter's supervision.

In 2010, Baron Reiter led an operation on Lian Yu with prisoners slavishly harvesting the drug under military supervision. But this was merely a cover and secondary objective so that he could acquire the Khushu Idol for himself. Oliver Queen was later recruited in to the fold as a guard on the people.[2] Taiana Venediktov stole some of the drugs to distribute amongst other workers who were in pain. In turn, she was sentenced to death, a task Oliver falsely promised to follow through with.[1] Reiter also traded Slam with Army Lieutenant Joyner in exchange for opium confiscated during the Army's stationing in Afghanistan.[3]

Slam eventually found its way in to mainstream use, being confiscated by the Star City Police Department and housing it in a contraband facility.[4]



Season 4

Season 5


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