Officer Slam Bradley is a police officer of the Gotham City Police Department.


Bradley was an officer of the Gotham City Police Department, posing as a model for an edition of their "hunks of the GCPD" calendar.[1]

Sometime following, Officer Bradley tackled Batwoman after she stopped a runaway train, saving her from her rogue grappling hook. Because of this, they began receiving significant press that paired them together, not long after, when Alice planted a bomb at Gotham Prep, detonating it, Slam was saved by Batwoman. He attempted to kiss her to appease the public, but she refused.[1]



Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Slam Bradley is a hard-boiled private detective who works in Gotham City. His first appearance was in Detective Comics #1.
  • Bradley is said to have "Chris Evans vibes" and is later nicknamed "Captain America" by Luke Fox and Kate Kane, implying that the cinematic version of the Marvel comics character is known on Earth-Prime.


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