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"Slay Anything" is the third episode of the fifth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the seventy-first episode overall. It aired on February 11, 2020.



In Iron Heights 2004, Freddy Meyers undergoes his death sentence via electric chair for 7 counts of murder committed on June 2nd 1989. As his mother watches from the gallery, his last words are that he loves his mother. As the coroner transports his body, he begins to hear a bumping noise and mysteriously loses control of his van, leading to a crash. Injured, he checks Freddy's corpse but finds that it is missing as an unseen person stabs and kills him from the back.

On the Waverider, Constantine attempts to sneak away but is caught by Sara, He tells her not to stop him from leaving the Legends but she instead tells him they are waiting for him to move out. They had attempted to move a box labeled "Arcana" that he left in the library, leading to Behrad being haunted by a forlorn mariner. Constantine tells Sara he is looking for a more permanent solution to the Encore situation. Ray overhears them and suggests that since the Legends have move past any qualms on changing history, they could go back in time to the childhood of the Encores to reform them. Sara and Constantine have misgivings that the Encores could be reformed like Nora was, just as Nora appears in Ray's room. Ray goes to see Nora in an equestrian outfit, who vents to Ray that the first wish each time a child gets a fairy godmother is for a pony. Ray comforts Nora that her job gives her the opportunity to make peoples lives better, but she points out that she cannot help children in need when the children do not know what they need, "trust me, no one has ever become a better person with a pony." Ray lights some candles for a romantic night with her but she has fallen asleep out of exhaustion. In the lab, Nate asks if Zari remembers anything about being on the Waverider, something she replies in the negative. Behrad attempts to use a flasher to wipe her memory but is stopped by Nate, who insists that she could end up remembering her time on the ship from another timeline. Gideon interrupts them to inform them of a team meeting on the bridge, and they leave Zari locked in the lab to her dismay. Gideon informs them that the latest Encore is a serial killer in 2004, whom Ava enthusiastically identifies as Freddy Meyers, the Prom Night Slasher. Ava reveals that she has been making a podcast on serial killers and provides detailed information regarding the case, with Gideon mentioning the timeline changed after his body disappeared and the coroner was killed. Using her knowledge of the case, Ava suggests that the prom night slasher will be going after Tiffany Harper, the only survivor of his attack. Ray discovers that there will be a memorial for the victims by Freddy's classmates at the 15 year high school reunion and the Legends head to the reunion in 2004. Arriving at the reunion, Mick reveals that he was part of this class but cannot give any information about Freddy except that "he was a loser." A former classmate named Ali recognizes Mick but he pretends that she is mistaken and brushes her off. While Ava and Sara are at the event, Nate and Ray discover a body in the parking lot confirming that the Prom Night Slasher is here. As the memorial is being unveiled, Tiffany who is supposed to do the unveiling is nowhere to be found as the lights turn off. After lifting the cover off the memorial plaque, Tiffany's corpse is discovered underneath. Nate and Ray see the Prom Night Slasher enter the school, but are unable to follow as the doors telekinetically lock themselves. Nate warns Ava and Sara that "You're stuck in the school with the Prom Night Slasher."

In Northumberland County U.K. 2020, Constantine and Gary arrive at an old house. Constantine tells Gary that this house is where he would call home if he ever had one and that no one has entered since he left long ago. When they enter, they discover a mess and a man who is passed out drunk. As Constantine asks who is responsible for this, another Constantine appears in a robe with two other men. Constantine tells the men to leave, and tells the other Constantine that he knows it is Charlie. He asks her how she knows about the place, and she claims that he told her while he was drunk. He angrily tells her to leave and storms away, prompting Charlie to ask Gary what is wrong with him. At Central City High in 2004, Ava, Sara and Mick attempt to leave but are accidentally jump scared by Nate and Ray who were trying to open the door. Ray informs them that the doors are telekinetically sealed, preventing anyone from entering or leaving. Ava notes that telekinesis is a logical Encore ability for Freddy, who acted out of powerlessness and now has the ultimate power. Sara tells them that she, Ava and Mick won't be able to defeat an immortal serial killer, but this could be an opportunity to try what he suggested earlier: to go back in time and reform Freddy. Nate and Ray travel back to 1989 to see him being bullied in the hallway. They see a young Tiffany ask Freddy to be her date to the prom, something they deduce is likely a prank set up by his bullies. Posing as teachers, they attempt to talk him out of going to the prom as they believe that the prank is what finally caused him to be a serial killer. Freddy is instead frightened away from their attempts and runs away. In 2004, Ava and Sara attempt to draw the prom night slasher out. One of Freddy's former classmates enters the hallway and is sucked into the locker. The Prom Night Slasher telekinetically crushes her to death with the lockers and knock down Ava and Sara before disappearing. On the Waverider, Nate and Ray return to obtain Freddy's address. Nora appears to be acting strangely and she reveals that as a fairy godmother, she has a special radar that tunes into kid's wishes. As prom nights are a "minefield of teenage need", once she identifies a kid with the deepest need she feels a calling. She is then magically teleported into Freddy Myers room, who asks her who she is while wielding a baseball bat. Nora introduces herself as his fairy godmother and nervously asks him not to kill her.

While at first not believing Nora, he realizes that Nora can make any wish he wants come true. Afraid that he will use her magic to kill his classmates, Nora tries to convince him to consider his wishes carefully but Freddy insists he already knows what he wants. Before he can make a wish, his mother knocks on his door, who is visibly upset that Freddy is going to the prom. Nora tells Ray of her situation, who sees this as an opportunity to reform Freddy, since he did not have a fairy godmother in the original timeline. To Nora's surprise, Freddy wishes for a suit instead of harm on his classmates and then for a pony, to Nora's chagrin. Freddy then arrives at the prom to meet Tiffany in a limousine. Nora tells Ray that this plan might work and asks if Ray would go to the prom with her. He agrees and escorts her to the prom, with Nate tagging along. On the Waverider, Zari attempts to break out of the lab when Behrad arrives. She sees the air totem on his wrist and confronts him about the theft, claiming that their parents would have just given it to him if he asked. The two of them begin to argue and Behrad leaves, telling her that her phone won't work on the Waverider. In 2004, Ali attempts to leave instead of "waiting to be picked off." Mick tells her of a secret exit he used to sneak out of school in the past, confirming that he is the Mick she knew. He asks if she is single and she confirms that she is. At the woodshop where the exit is, Ali asks if he ever imagined them together but the Prom Night Slasher stabs her mid-sentence from behind and kills her before running away. Holding Ali's corpse, Mick tells Nate and Ray he hopes they are able to reform Freddy in 1989. At the 1989 prom, Freddy and Tiffany have a good time dancing with each other when Nate spots Freddy's bullies about to carry out their prank: to dump trash on Freddy's head from the ceiling once Tiffany moves him to the center of the dance floor. Ray attempts to move Freddy away, but Nora points out that it is unnecessary, as Tiffany appears to have changed her mind and moved Freddy away. Angry that Tiffany is not going along with the prank, Freddy's bully Brad pushes him onto the floor and throws a drink on his suit, and reveals that Tiffany asking him to be her date is part of the prank. Tiffany tells Freddy that while she did ask him out as part of a prank at first, she had a change of heart. Nora tries to calm Freddy down, but he storms out in anger.

In 2004, a vengeful Mick demands for the Prom Night Slasher to face him. He reveals that he and Ali had a relationship when they were in school, and while he promised to take her to prom, he ended up standing her up. Sara suggests that Ali's death could be reversed if the others are successful in reforming Freddy. In 1989, Nora attempts to comfort Freddy who is enraged that after years of wanting to befriend his classmates, he failed to do so even with Nora's magic. Nora tells him she knows what it is like to give in to her inner demons, and tells him that wanting to hurt everyone is not who he really is. She tells him that being true to himself is stronger than any magic, as that was how she ended up with the right people. Nora asks what Freddy would wish for if he had one more wish to show everyone who he really is. At the prom, the lights go out as Freddy begins to dance in the spotlight with Nora's magic to the cheers of his classmates. A jealous Brad attempts to dump trash on him, but Nora uses her magic to turn the trash into balloons. On the Waverider, Zari attempts to use a computer to check her social media and gains memories of her alternate timeline self. To Gideon's surprise, Zari manages to hack her encryption to unlock the door and leave the Waverider. In 1984, Freddy asks if this was Nora's job, to make things better for kids. Nora realizes the joys of being a fairy godmother and as Freddy thanks her for her help, her wand vanishes to indicate that her work with him is done. Zari enters Freddy's limo thinking that it is a vehicle that Gideon had called for her as Freddy enters with Tiffany and her friends, with Zari assuming that Gideon called her a "shared ride". As the door closes, the Prom Night Slasher watches them in the limo from the outside.

Behrad tells Ava and Sara that Freddie has been successfully reformed, but the timeline is still unchanged and the Prom Night Slasher still exists. Mick attempts to kill the Slasher with his heat gun but the slasher telekinetically reverses the blast and kills him. The Prom Night Slasher's mask magically falls off to reveal the Slasher to be Kathy Meyers. She explains that she was jealous of Freddy's new friends and decided to kill them and Tiffany. She tells Sara and Ava that no one will stand between her and Freddy. Using her telekinesis, she is able to knock down Sara and restrain Ava. To stall for time, Ava asks how she was resurrected and she reveals that she died from a heart attack when Freddy was executed. She returned from hell to retrieve Freddy's corpse and what she originally set out to do. Sara and Ava manage to continue the fight but Kathy still regains the upper hand with her powers. In 1989, Zari wonders why the limo isn't moving and opens the limo divider, as the Prom Night Slasher thrusts a knife through the opening. Everyone stumbles out of the limo as the Slasher attacks them. Zari attempts to restrain the Slasher and manages to pull off the Slasher's mask during the struggle, revealing the Slasher's identity as Kathy to Freddy. Kathy tries to convince Freddy to help her kill everyone, but inspired by Nora, he refuses to give in to his personal darkness. Kathy tries to kill Freddy in response but Behrad arrives in time to defeat her with the Air Totem. An impressed Zari tells Behrad she sees why he stole the totem, as Freddy looks at his mother lying on the ground.

As the authorities arrive, Freddy tells Nora that in spite of what Kathy tried to do, she was all he had and she was taken away. He asks Nora what he should do. Drawing from her own experiences, Nora tells Freddy that he needs to survive, and while life may be dysfunctional, he is the one who will decide who he is. Freddy hugs her as Ray tells her they need to return to the Waverider. On the ship, Gideon managed to heal Zari's injuries as Behrad comes to check on her. She asks if this is what he has been doing, traveling through time to save people with the Air Totem, which he admits to be doing. Impressed, Zari says now she knows why Behrad was the favorite. He insists that their parents only treat him differently out of worry, as while he has been in business school for 5 years, Zari was a self made millionaire by 19. He asks how Zari escaped from the labs, and she tells him how she suddenly obtained the knowledge to hack Gideon. He chalks up her experience as a side effect of Time Travel, and she tells him that she might decide to stay on the Waverider, which he says he wouldn't mind. The Legends reunite at the 2004 event, with Mick drinking at the bar. Ali is shown to be alive and this time Mick decides to talk to her. Nora and Ray observe a grown up Freddy and Tiffany who have gotten married. On Behrad's suggestion, the Legends take group photos in a photo booth. Sara wonders where Mick is, and he is shown to be hooking up with Ali in a closet. At Constantine's house, Charlie tells Constantine that Gary told her everything and asks what he plans to do. Constantine reveals that he used to live in this house with a group called "The Newcastle Crew", with one member being a powerful witch that he is here to consult. That witch he reveals, is Astra's dead mother whose soul is waiting for him inside one of the rooms. Encouraged by Charlie, Constantine removes the seal to the room and enters as the doors magically shut.



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Preparation ran from July 26 until August 6, 2019. Shooting ran from August 7 until August 19, 2019.[1]


  • Nora's curse becomes inactive in the temporal zone, as none of the Legends will wish for anything.
    • She can trick whoever "calls" her into thinking she can grant limited wishes to leave faster.
    • Children seem to always want a pony.


  • The episode's title is a reference to the 1989 film Say Anything....
  • This is the first episode of the series not to feature Olivia Swann (Astra Logue) after being promoted to a series regular.
  • Zari's social network site is called CatChat, and her ringtone is cats meowing, a reference to Zari Tomaz becoming a cat in "Legends of To-Meow-Meow".
  • After Freddy gets pranked by Brad, Nate describes how the situation went "from John Hughes to John Carpenter", directors of coming-of-age and horror films, respectively.
  • Ava refers to her and Sara using the horror film trope of the "final girl".
  • Ava's hobby of investigating serial killers comes up again after "Hell No, Dolly!".
  • Nate is revealed to have bought his own AirPods, which may be a nod to his work/earnings at the Time Bureau from "Dancing Queen" through "Egg MacGuffin".
  • When Ray and Nate are trying to distract Feddy from going to Prom, Nate suggests that he should go to the movies since he considers 1989 to have the best summer movies like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Ghostbusters II.
  • Posters for Twilight Zone the Movie, Little Shop of Horrors and Beetlejuice are seen in Freddy's bedroom.
  • Nora's curse as Fairy Godmother causes her to hear pleading voices of children, similar to Bruce Nolan from the film Bruce Almighty; in the film, Bruce could hear the prayers of a few blocks of people while filling in for God.
  • The episode references the movies Carrie, Prom Night and Friday the 13th.
  • When Nora complains about how all the children she is assigned to ask for ponies: "You get a pony! And you get a pony! Everyone gets a damn pony!" referencing the Oprah Winfrey Show.
  • Sara's previous deaths are brought up when Ava points those deaths technically don't make Sara the "Final Girl".
  • Sara's line "You're my final girl" and the thrupple photo of Nate, Ray and Nora were not in the script, implying they were both improvised.[2]
  • While Freddy was dancing to impress his peers, Nora, acting as the DJ, was playing J.J. Fad's Supersonic.
    • Coincidentally, the trailers for the Sonic the Hedgehog film, which was released just a mere three days after the airing of this episode and feature former series regular Neal McDonough, were known for containing the same song.
  • "Mr. Parker's Cul-De-Sac" reveals that Mick unknowingly created an time aberration from his actions during this episode (hooking up with Ali during their class reunion).
    • This is similar to what happened with Martin Stein in "Invasion!" when he learned that he unknowingly changed his past when he told his younger self to value his wife more, resulting in him finding out that he has a daughter when he goes back to 2016.


  • Despite Freddy's shirt being ruined it is seemingly clean during his dance.
    • However it is possible that Nora cleaned it with magic.
  • During Mick’s death, Netfilx mispells his name to Nick in the subtitles.