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"Slay Anything" is the third episode of the fifth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the seventy-first episode overall. It aired on February 11, 2020.



Iron Heights, 2004. Freddy Meyers is executed for a progression of murders in 1989. His last words are that he adores his mom, who is watching the execution from another room. As the coroner drives away with the body, his van runs wild and accidents. Freddy is missing and slaughters the coroner. On the Waverider, Constantine attempts to leave and Sara is prepared to dispose of him. He's been attempting to move out for some time. Beam proposes that to manage the Encore issue, they should simply go change them as kids. Nora appears at invest energy with Ray yet she expeditiously nods off.

Nate and Behrad attempt to manage the Zari circumstance and Nate needs to attempt to get her to recollect. Behrad doesn't believe there's ever been an alternate Zari. They leave her with the goal that they can go on a crucial, strategic the sequential executioner issue and Ava knows his story - she has a digital recording about sequential executioners. The multi year get-together for the secondary school class threatened by Freddy is going to occur thus, the Legends are off. Mick uncovers that he went to class there when Mick joined in. Ava is having an insane genuine wrongdoing fangirl second. Outside, Nate and Ray locate a killed cop and realize that Freddy is there.

At the point when they go to divulge the dedication inside, solitary survivor Tiffany is missing and before long found killed on the commemoration. Freddy keeps Nate and Ray out of the school and now Sara, Ava, and Mick are stuck inside with him.

In Northumberland County, UK, 2020, Constantine and Gary show up at what is basically Constantine's old home where he experiences himself aside from it's not him. It's Charlie, but Constantine is troubled to see her. At the secondary school get-together, things being what they are, the entryways are fixed supernaturally. Mick is centered around sparing a particular understudy: Allie. Sara chooses to send Ray and Nate back to 1989 to attempt to change Freddy so he never turns into the executioner. They watch Freddy being harassed and Tiffany shockingly asking Freddy to the prom. Nate believes it's what triggers Freddy as they might suspect its stunt to embarrass him.

In 2004, Ava and Sara experience the executioner who utilizes his supernatural forces to ruthlessly slaughter one of his previous companions. On the Waverider, Nate and Ray in 1989 get data to discover Freddy at home, yet Nora begins to get a migraine. As a Fairy Godmother, she can hear the desires of the prom children and she gets sent to Freddy, the child with the most profound need. Freddy is going to disclose to Nora his desire yet his mom hinders - she's unsettled he's going to prom. Freddy additionally eventually wants for a cool suit and a great prom entrance.

In 2004, Mick discovers Allie and keeping in mind that they talk about what may have been, Allie is slaughtered by the sequential executioner. In 1989, Ray and Nate make sense of what the harassers are doing, but Tiffany abandons the arrangement to drop garbage on Freddy. Rather, the domineering jerks simply assault him straightforwardly, uncovering the trick and mortify him. Nora pursues him and attempts to talk him down. He makes one more wish and makes that big appearance, prevailing upon the group with a wonderful move show.

On the Waverider, Zari attempts to get online with Gideon and has a short flashback to her past life and figures out how to break out which sends her out into 1989 where she gets into Freddy's limo. That is the point at which it's uncovered that Freddy isn't the executioner all things considered. In 2004, the executioner fries Mick and it turns out, it's Freddy's mother. She was the genuine executioner and had a coronary episode when Freddy was executed. In 1989, the executioner assaults the limo. Battles occur in both 2004 and 1989 with Zari exposing the executioner. Behrad shows up and stops her, making her evaporate in 2004.

Zari sticks with the group and everybody signs up in 2004. Mick reconnects with Allie. Freddy is uncovered to be locked in to Tiffany. At Constantine's, he discloses the Northcastle team to Charlie and the witch he came to counsel: Astra's expired mother. After a motivational speech from Charlie, he does as such.



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Preparation ran from July 26 until August 6, 2019. Shooting ran from August 7 until August 19, 2019.[1]


  • Nora's curse becomes inactive in the temporal zone, as none of the Legends will wish for anything.
    • She can trick whoever "calls" her into thinking she can grant limited wishes to leave faster.
    • Children seem to always want a pony.


  • The episode's title is a reference to the 1989 film Say Anything....
  • This is the first episode of the series not to feature Olivia Swann (Astra Logue) after being promoted to a series regular.
  • Zari's social network site is called CatChat, and her ringtone is cats meowing, a reference to Zari Tomaz becoming a cat in "Legends of To-Meow-Meow".
  • After Freddy gets pranked by Brad, Nate describes how the situation went "from John Hughes to John Carpenter", directors of coming-of-age and horror films, respectively.
  • Ava refers to her and Sara using the horror film trope of the "final girl".
  • Ava's hobby of investigating serial killers comes up again after "Hell No, Dolly!".
  • Nate is revealed to have bought his own AirPods, which may be a nod to his work/earnings at the Time Bureau from "Dancing Queen" through "Egg MacGuffin".
  • When Ray and Nate are trying to distract Feddy from going to Prom, Nate suggests that he should go to the movies since he considers 1989 to have the best summer movies like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Ghostbusters II.
  • Posters for Twilight Zone the Movie, Little Shop of Horrors and Beetlejuice are seen in Freddy's bedroom.
  • Nora's curse as Fairy Godmother causes her to hear pleading voices of children, similar to Bruce Nolan from the film Bruce Almighty; in the film, Bruce could hear the prayers of a few blocks of people while filling in for God.
  • The episode references the movies Carrie, Prom Night and Friday the 13th.
    • Additionally, the screeched violin playing when the killer shows up is a reference to Psycho.
    • The name Freddy Meyers is a reference to Michael Myers in the horror franchise Halloween.
    • Freddy's mother Kathy is likely named after Misery actress Kathy Bates.
  • When Nora complains about how all the children she is assigned to ask for ponies: "You get a pony! And you get a pony! Everyone gets a damn pony!" referencing the Oprah Winfrey Show.
  • Sara's previous deaths are brought up when Ava points those deaths technically don't make Sara the "Final Girl".
  • Sara's line "You're my final girl" and the thrupple photo of Nate, Ray and Nora were not in the script, implying they were both improvised.[2]
  • While Freddy was dancing to impress his peers, Nora, acting as the DJ, was playing J.J. Fad's Supersonic.
    • Coincidentally, the trailers for the Sonic the Hedgehog film, which was released just a mere three days after the airing of this episode and feature former series regular Neal McDonough, were known for containing the same song.
  • "Mr. Parker's Cul-De-Sac" reveals that Mick unknowingly created an time aberration from his actions during this episode (hooking up with Ali during their class reunion).
    • This is similar to what happened with Martin Stein in "Invasion!" when he learned that he unknowingly changed his past when he told his younger self to value his wife more, resulting in him finding out that he has a daughter when he goes back to 2016.