"The spell will put you to sleep straightaway. Karabasan will feel it."
John Constantine to Zed Martin[src]

A sleep spell was used by John Constantine to put Zed Martin to sleep in hopes of attracting and trapping the beastlike demon Karabasan.


The spell's incantation is in Latin, the language of the ancient Rome. It puts the affected person to sleep.[1]


Molles somnos, somno iam (casting)

Nunc igitur consurge consurg (dispelling)


After John Constantine's team was given a task from Felix Faust to banish the demon Karabasan back to Hell, John and Zed traveled to the beast's lair using a stone of true seeing, searching for the demon. When they finally found Karabasan, the beast roared at them, sensing their intentions, and ran away. John decided to bait it into returning by putting Zed to sleep and leaving her as an offering. To do that, he performed the spell on her and attacked Karabasan when the demon was baiting, killing him with electrocution. When they returned to Felix Faust, he got out of the deal on a technicality, saying that he requested John to banish the demon, not kill him.[1]


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