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For the titular character, see Silas Waters.
"Trust is a gift."
—Helena Kyle

"Slick" is the second episode of Birds of Prey. It aired on October 16, 2002.




Guest starring




Silas Waters

Harleen Quinzel hires Silas Waters to rob an armored car but he fails and is apprehended by three police officers, including Detective Reese, whom Waters tries to bribe before he can be booked for his crimes. Waters transforms into a liquid and escapes custody, arriving in the shower of Harleen who refuses to pay for failure and threatens to harm the man, because he is upsetting her plans to conquer New Gotham City.

A batarang

Meanwhile, Helena Kyle, who finished her court-ordered counseling, returns from patrol as Huntress to listen as Dinah, who is training with Batarangs, almost hitting Alfred Pennyworth, lies about her records while Barbara Gordon does paperwork to enroll the girl in New Gotham High School where she works as an English teacher.

There, the next morning, Wade Brixton reminds Barbara that he requested a date, so she leaves it to him to plan it. Barbara does get to run a background check on Dinah and learns her history, making Helena even more suspicious of the new girl, but Barbara reminds her that giving shelter is what Bruce Wayne would have done, but this statement only makes Helena more angry because she doesn't understand Bruce and why her father didn't avenge the death of her mother by killing the Joker.

While the veteran heroes are away from the clocktower, the alarms of the DELPHI Protocol activates; Jack Barnstone is dead from drowning, but there is no water anywhere near him. A short time later, Grace Tanner is killed when Waters forces himself down her lungs.

After Barbara leaves for her Friday night date, Dinah confronts Helena about why she does not like her, to which Helena explains that she needs to know if the 16-year-old girl before her is trustworthy or not. The conversation and the date are both interrupted by news of Detective Tanner's death.

Huntress goes to protect Detective Reese since he is linked through Waters; when he arrives, Waters attempts to force himself down her lungs, but Helena, with Barbara's advice, causes him to solidify with the cold of a fire extinguisher. He then chases the two into a sauna but its heat slows his advances.

Slick as water

Waters leaves to steal a truck that, according to Barbara, "has enough firepower to start your own little war", so Reese and Helena go to stop him. Helena changes to Huntress and the two fight the henchmen hired to unload the truck. Waters appears and attempts to drown Reese, while Huntress finds herself surrounded. Suddenly, Dinah arrives and acts as a distraction long enough for Huntress to subdue her opponents and kill Waters with a flamethrower.

Returning to the clock tower, Dinah tells the women her last name and origin story.

After school on Monday, Barbara and Wade have a date in her classroom.

Barbara and Helena, who has decided to continue counseling, realize that Waters must have a supervisor because he had no personal need for a truck loaded with weapons.