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Smallville was a small town located in Kansas in the United States.


In 1979, Kal-El arrived from the doomed planet of Krypton and landed in Smallville, where he was found by the Kent family, a kindly human couple of farmers who raised him as their own son in the aforementioned town.[1]

When Clark and his girlfriend Lois briefly returned from Argo, they spent time at the Kent Farm with Kara Danvers. However, their time was abruptly cut short when two people from another universe appeared asking for Kara's help, stating that they had swapped lives.[2]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

The town, alongside the rest of Earth-38, was destroyed in the Anti-Monitor Crisis when a wave of antimatter destroyed the universe.[3]

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Behind the scenes

  • Smallville was first featured in More Fun Comics #101 (January, 1945) created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Most notably as the childhood and adolescent hometown of Superman before moving to Metropolis.
  • The location of Smallville is shared with the DC television series Smallville, due to both using the same filming location.
    • In addition, the theme song of the series was reused in the town's first appearance in "Elseworlds, Part 1".