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"I remember loving Smallville... the people, the community, how the small things were the big things. And I thought I'd live there forever."
Clark Kent[src]

Smallville is a small town located in Rice County, Kansas in the United States.[1][2]


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Smallville was founded in 1949, when their Harvest Fest also became a tradition.[6] In the years following its founding a number of facilities were developed in the town, including a high school and a bank.

After the destruction of Krypton, Kal-El landed with his pod in Smallville, where he was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent, a kindly human couple of farmers who named him Clark and raised him as their son in the aforementioned town.[1] On the same day that Clark landed, a major meteorite shower occurred, exposing the citizens of the town to Kryptonite radiation.[7]

In 1995, a number of students, including Clark Kent and Lana Lang, graduated from Smallville High School. Sometime after graduating, Clark moved to Metropolis.

Some years after this, Smallville went through a farming crisis, in which many of its citizens had to sell their farms or lost their livelihoods; Martha Kent got a reverse-mortgage on the Kent Farm and used the money to finance her neighbors and to help the poorer citizens of the town.

Following Martha's death, Clark, Lois Lane and their two sons, Jonathan and Jordan Kent moved to the Kent's old farm in Smallville.[1] Around the same time, Morgan Edge announced his plans to bring jobs to the dying town. After a town meeting held by Mayor George Dean, he and his business were welcomed by most of the town.

Under the guise of providing jobs, Morgan Edge, secretly a Kryptonian working to bring back the people of his world, exploited the citizen's of Smallville's continued exposure to kryptonite radiation to replace their consciousnesses with the consciousnesses of deceased Kryptonians. His actions were eventually revealed, and the Kryptonian consciousnesses were removed from their human hosts.[8]

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  • This version of Smallville's history is quite similar to that of the Smallville of Earth-38, indicating that upon merging the histories of Earth-1, Earth-38, and Earth-TUD5 in the creation of Earth-Prime, its history was primarily used.