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Smallville Bank is a bank located in Smallville, Kansas.


During the peak of the Smallville farming crisis, Smallville Bank offered seniors a reverse mortgage. The deal was to have seniors pay so that upon their death, the bank would purchase the remainder of their farm if the landowner's heirs couldn't pay off the remainder of the loan. Martha Kent was offered a reverse mortgage and had a debt after her death, which was paid off by Clark Kent and Lois Lane. At some point, Morgan Edge became a partner in the bank.

At some point, Lana Lang Cushing became a mortgage manager at the bank.

After Martha died, Clark and Lois go to the bank to meet with Lana, who informs them that due to Martha's helpfulness to the poorer people of Smallville, the bank has the right to possess the farm unless Clark and Lois buy it. The next day, Clark and Lois decided to keep the farm.[1]

As Lana leaves the bank, Clark brings the last of the paperwork and the two talk about the Cushing family.[2]


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