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The Smallville Gazette is a newspaper publisher located in Smallville.


At some point, W. Dodge worked as editor for the newspaper.[1]

Solely run by Chrissy Beppo, the newspaper hired Lois Lane after she quit the Daily Planet. The first article that the newspaper printed from its new employee was the original manuscript that Lois created before Morgan Edge edited the piece for publication in the Daily Planet.[2]

Sharon Powell came to the paper because Lois called New Carthage asking questions about Morgan Edge. After Sharon gave an interview about her son Derek being missing, the reporters went outside to see Lois' car on fire.[1]

Days later, Sharon brought Derek to the Gazette to ask Lois to stop her story, but Chrissy nor Lois believed the backstory that Derek gave about his disappearance due to amnesia.[3]

Chrissy used the resources of the newspaper to research the Luthor family tree.[4]

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