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Smallville High School is a high school located in Smallville.


In 1995, Clark Kent and Lana Lang graduated as part of the Class of 1995.[1]

After moving to Smallville, Jordan and Jonathan Kent attended Smallvillle High School.[2]

The next year, Natalie Lane Irons started going to Smallville High School when she and her father moved to Smallville.[3]

At some point, several Smallville Crows players started using X-Kryptonite to get stronger. The sheriff's department became aware of the drug when Timmy Ryan's mother caught him taking it[4] and they swept through Smallville High School looking for it. At that point, Jonathan took Candice's stash from her to protect her, intending to dispose of the drug. He was caught and expelled.[5]

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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Smallville High School was the high school attended by Clark Kent, Lana Lang, and Pete Ross.