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Smoak Technologies, simply known as Smoak Tech, is a company founded and run by Felicity Smoak.


Smoak Technologies was founded in March 2019 after Curtis Holt transferred full ownership of Helix Dynamics to Felicity Smoak. Shortly afterwards, Felicity hires Alena Whitlock as the CTO and the two began working on Archer, the DNA tracking program developed by Felicity.

Erased future

By 2040, Smoak Technologies had fallen into dissolution. Felicity led William Clayton to Smoak Tech via coordinates.[1] Felicity was believed to be dead, but she was in fact alive and being held hostage by Eden Corps.[2]

Alternate reality

Smoak Technologies was shown in the Dominators' fake reality as a passage to the real world. Oliver Queen, Sara Lance, John Diggle, Ray Palmer, and Thea Queen passed through it when exiting the dream world.[3]

Known employees

Current employees



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