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"The drug attacks the hippocampus, where the brain stores memories and emotions. It targets the memories most associated with regret and remorse, which result in a hallucination that allows the user to alter the circumstances of those memories."
"To get a do-over."
"And what could be more addictive than that, the chance to right our worst mistakes, to erase our gravest sins even for a moment?
Evelyn Rhyme and Jacob Kane[src]

Snakebite is a new drug in Gotham City.


Snakebite is a powerful party drug made and distributed by the False Face Society gang in Gotham, it is packaged in dual-pronged injector needles then secured inside white boxes bearing the substance’s seal on the front cover, it gives the user a dual sensation of fantasy and fright, one part of it is psychedelic mushroom oil and the other part is concentrated Fear Toxin. Users are calling it the ultimate escapism, but doctors warn that Snakebite is as lethal as it is addictive.


Distributed by the False Face Society, who somehow obtained the formula for the Scarecrow’s Fear Toxin along with other resources and manpower to facilitate its production and marketing, including Ocean’s method for refining hallucinogenic oil from psychedelic mushrooms. Snakebite is a drug which quickly started taking a hold onto Gotham City at around the time Kate Kane went to National City to consult Kara Danvers[1]; Jacob Kane told Crows Security that it was their job to discover the gang's leader to stop the distribution.

Meanwhile, Batwoman attempts to stop a drug sale, but the user escaped, after buying the product.[2]

Snakebite became such a popular drug that Vesper Fairchild dedicated part of her show to discussing it, as Batwoman interrogates an addict to learn who his dealer is. Members of the False Face Society are seen laboring in a lab somewhere and mass-producing the substance and preparing them into syringes secured in marked boxes ready for purchase.[3]

Jacob Kane becomes addicted to Snakebite after someone injects him with the drug; his addiction is noticed quickly by Evelyn Rhyme.

Meanwhile, Batwoman disrupts distribution of Snakebite with warehouse raids. With the chemists Ocean and Angelique Martin not available to make Snakebite, the supply begins to dwindle, causing Black Mask to have Angelique kidnapped from a prison transport[4] and forced back into service. Though the False Face Society steals the proper ingredients to make the drug, Angelique is not as good as a chemist as Ocean.[5]

Ocean is kidnapped by the gang so that he and Angelique can make the drug while being videotaped; however, when Batwoman arrives, she destroys the finished product. Meanwhile, Jacob does the drug in his office and Sophie finds the empty syringe.[6]

On a playground, Jacob uses Snakebite and eventually overdoses.[7]

Blue Snakebite.

A new chemist was hired to create Snakebite, but this version was blue, instead of red; this blue version turned people into cannibals and gave them cat-like irises. Eventually, Batwoman administered the antidote to many people, while Russell Tavaroff and his squadron of Crows killed others.[8]

Agent Tavaroff told his squadron that he wanted to kill Jacob with an overdose of Snakebite so Russell would not go to jail for evidence tampering and for shooting Luke Fox, but, before he could inject the drug into the commander, Batwoman intervened.[9]


Based on the effects shown by Snakebite’s recipients, this dual-sided drug is a potent hallucinogenic, courtesy of Fear Toxin “toned down” with extracted Psilocybin mushroom essence that gets injected together with the toxin as both are introduced, at the same time, into the subject’s running bloodstream.

Because of that, rather than hallucinating their worst fears, the recipient instead experiences vivid hallucinations of what may be their greatest fantasies. Moreover, Snakebite also happens to be highly euphoric, which what makes it so addictive; and users grow more and more mentally detached to reality the higher they get into the conjoined substances’ influence.

However, meticulous calibration and measurement of the drug’s separate components is crucial when cooking and preparing it; since without such, the Snakebite formula can become deadly for those who imbibe it - promising death instead of ecstasy.




  • The drug's name was perhaps inspired by the fact that is administered as an injectable with two needles side-by-side and included into the syringes' recognizable design, much like the pair of fangs found in an actual venomous serpent's mouth.
  • The effects of the Psilocybin mushroom extract in the drug is somewhat similar to the effect the magical mushroom consumed by Behrad Tarazi and Sara Lance, with both experiencing a euphoric-like state after having consumed the mushroom.

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