Snakebite is a new drug in Gotham City.


Snakebite is a powerful party drug made and distributed by the False Face Society gang in Gotham, it is packaged in a dual-pronged injector needles, it gives the user a dual sensation of fantasy and fright, one part of it is psychedelic mushroom oil and the other part is concentrated Fear toxin, users are calling it the ultimate escapism, but doctors warn that Snakebite is as lethal as it is addictive.


Distributed by the False Face Society,[1] Snakebite is a drug which quickly started taking a hold onto Gotham City; Jacob Kane told Crows Security that it was their job to discover the gang's leader to stop the distribution.

Meanwhile, Batwoman attempts to stop a drug sale, but the user escaped, after buying the product.[2]

Snakebite became such a popular drug that Vesper Fairchild dedicated part of her show to discussing it, as Batwoman interrogates an addict to learn who his dealer is.[3]



Season 2


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