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"You weren't right, you were lucky. Next time, you might not be. One wrong statistic about the stock market and we're in the Great Depression, one miswritten quote from a candidate and we've a fascist in the White House. The rules are there for a reason: to make sure you get the story right. That's not luck, that's being a good reporter."
—Snapper Carr to Kara Danvers[src]

Snapper Carr is the editor-in-chief of CatCo Magazine at CatCo Worldwide Media. Although he frequently clashed with Kara Danvers over her reporting skills, Snapper is also a professional and passionate reporter and soon developed a certain respect for Kara and vice-versa. After the Daxamite invasion, Snapper went on sabbatical from CatCo.


Early life[]

Snapper Carr hails from an Ashkenazi Jewish family. During his career, he has interviewed more than one President of the United States, various world leaders, and Julian Assange,[1] prior to winning a Pulitzer Prize for a series of articles on the corruption in the office of National City's mayor.[2] Despite often quarreling with Cat Grant, Snapper began to work as a reporter at CatCo Magazine, eventually becoming its editor-in-chief.[2][3]

During his life, he has divorced at least once.[2]

Kara's new boss[]

Kara meets Snapper

Kara meets Snapper.

When Kara Danvers was promoted to reporter, Cat introduced her to Snapper. Kara started to tell him that she would try to be a good reporter, but he just walked away without listening to her. Later, Kara came to Snapper, but he refused to give her any instructions, saying she is not working there, which outraged Kara. In the evening the same day Kara once again came to Snapper, giving him an article about the battle between Supergirl and Metallo with the testimony of eyewitnesses, and the comments of police, but he did not even want to read it entirely, then Kara said she would find another magazine who will take her article, but he stopped her and said to come back tomorrow.[2]

After James Olsen is nominated acting CEO of CatCo Worldwide Media, Snapper has some initial clash with him since he does not recognize his authority as the boss; however, they finally agreed on the compromise that they will not interfere with each other work.[3] Simultaneously, Snapper teaches Kara not to be too biased in what she writes.

When Kara found out an alien killed by another alien, she went to work and told Snapper the news, but he dismissed her article, as she did not have any official sources. Later, Kara again came to him with news regarding the underground fight club, Snapper immediately became interested in the news, but as soon as he learned that Kara again has no source, and even unofficial statements, he says that as long as she does not indicate her sources he can't publish her articles.

The next day Kara comes to Snapper and gives him an article about the fight club, which has an official police report, criminological analysis and comment from Supergirl. He takes the article, but asks to correct some errors.[4]

A few days later, Snapper informs James that a mugger he'd taken down by a mysterious masked man and Guardian had been blamed for it.[5]

Kara and Snapper listen to Regina Williams' story

Snapper seemingly unsympathetic to Ms. Williams' plight.

When a grieving mother came to CatCo seeking help from Snapper Carr on finding her daughter, Izzy, who had disappeared, though the latter appeared unsympathetic, Kara eagerly decided to assist. As the woman left, Snapper scolded Kara telling her not to make promises she can't keep, however, after the girl is returned to her mother and Kara wrote an article on it, he commented her job calling her a "good girl", although without being heard by her.[6]

After Lena Luthor was arrested under the suspicion that she helped in her mother's escape, Snapper believed she was guilty and has a confrontation with Kara, who instead believed in the innocence of her friend. After the truth has been revealed, Kara teased Snapper about his mistake, but he refused to apologize.[7]

Firing and Rehiring Kara[]

When Cadmus had started abducting aliens after Jeremiah Danvers gave them the Alien Registry list, Kara wanted to alert the public about the danger. She went to Snapper to try and print out an article warning them about the kidnappings but Snapper refused to publish it as he didn't want to start a panic over what he felt was a conspiracy theory. Kara tried to appeal to Snapper by arranging a personal interview with Supergirl and it intrigued him. He met with Supergirl in James' office and tried to ask her questions about how Supergirl had stumbled onto what Cadmus was doing. She knew that those questions would lead to the D.E.O., which was supposed to be secret, so she deflected before she excused herself. When Kara went to him, he told her that he still wouldn't publish the article because he felt Supergirl wasn't telling him all the facts.

Kara is fired

Snapper fires Kara for going behind his back.

When Kara took it upon herself to print the article online using the Catco servers, Snapper was outraged that she went behind his back. Kara came to the office to see that Snapper had her fired for violating her Catco contract. Even though the story turned out to be true, Snapper told Kara that she had only been lucky. Kara tried to defend her position and told Snapper that she had done the right thing but he told her that it could've gone very wrong if she didn't have and state all the facts. He lectured her that as journalists they had rules to follow to avoid doing more harm than good and that printing articles without concrete facts was foolish. Before she left, Snapper told Kara that he had actually been rooting for her to keep digging and do the story the right way.[1]

Kara and Snapper report the Biomax event

Snapper at the Biomax presentation with Kara close by.

When Jack Spheer had arranged a presentation for a new medical breakthrough, Snapper had gone to the event to report it for Catco. When he arrived, he was displeased to find that Kara was there also. He told her that he was surprised that as he didn't think that a "Dot-Com" counted as a press pass now. Kara tried to retort back that she was surprised anyone still read his papers anymore though she said that she was there for her friend Lena Luthor. When Jack Spheer demonstrated the Biomax nanotechnology and its healing capabilities he then called for questions from the press. Snapper had gotten up to ask him a question but Kara beat him to it. When he saw that Kara was stuttering and hesitating to ask a reporter style question, he moved to cut in and interrupt her. However, this only fueled Kara to step up and ask her professional question if Spheer was taking all the necessary FDA safety steps in distributing Biomax to National City.

Kara arguing with Snapper

Snapper arguing with Kara about using Catco when she was fired.

Snapper had gone to James' office to find that Kara was there and was trying to enlist Catco's help as she had a lead on the Biomax not being safe. Snapper told her that she can't use Catco resources since Kara was fired and James would risk committing conflict of interest if he helped her. Kara then decided that she would stop the launch of Biomax herself with Snapper making a snide comment as she left. He then told James that he had a tip about Biomax from someone that claimed to be one of the human test subjects. He didn't know that Kara had listened in from the hall. He went off to the home of Derrick Simmons who was listed as one of the test subjects. However, he told Snapper that he hadn't undergone any tests at all. Before Snapper could get more, the apartment was invaded by a swarm of Biomax nanorobots. They moved in and absorbed Derrick and consumed him right in front of Snapper.

Supergirl saving Snapper from Biomax

Snapper is saved from the nanoswarm by Supergirl.

The swarm then moved in to go after him next but Supergirl arrived and froze the swarm with her freeze breath before taking Snapper to safety. The next day Snapper was visited by Kara who told him that she heard Supergirl saved him and he admitted that she was there. When Kara asked if he thanked Supergirl Snapper told her he only ever said thank you once to his divorce lawyer. Kara then handed Snapper all her research on Biomax, including her own notes from her interview with Joe Watkins before he was killed. Kara then admitted to Snapper that he had been right when he told her she had been lucky with her article on Cadmus. She apologized to him for breaking the rules and going behind his back which he responded with a 'finally'. When they reviewed what they gathered, Snapper told Kara that it seemed there was a cover up but Jack Spheer might not be the only one involved. He told her that Beth Breen had signed the checks for the test subjects. If the Biomax failed then she stands to lose everything.

Snapper brings Kara back to CatCo

Snapper rehiring Kara to be a reporter for Catco.

When Beth Breen had been arrested, Kara went to visit Snapper who had yelled for Eve Teschmacher to bring his Danish. She had given him one that she had baked and he gave her a copy of the article. Kara thanked him for not destroying Jack Spheer's name as he had been controlled by Breen and had been a victim the whole time. Snapper told Kara to look at the byline and saw that Snapper had credited her. He told her that her research and testimony from Joe Watkins had been instrumental in scooping their competition. Snapper then told Kara that he was offering her back her old job. He saw that Kara made sure to correctly follow her leads and even kept going when one of her sources had been killed. He admitted that they needed more brave and devoted reporters like that. He then tried Kara's Danish and told her to take her job back as her baking skills were terrible.[8]

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Snapper is grumpy, rude and disrespectful to almost everyone, however, he can back off and show some degree of respect for individuals that prove their professionalism, such as Cat Grant, James Olsen and even Kara Danvers, after she managed to stand up to him and publish a story according to his actions, when overviewing the editorial Snapper foremost looks at the public perception of the situation at hand and because of that sometimes jumps to conclusions before getting his facts straight, as proven when he wrote articles that blame Guardian and Lena Luthor basing them on public expectations, disregarding the fact that one is innocent until proven guilty. Snapper also never apologizes or admits when he is wrong; however he has no prejudice and taught Kara not to be too biased about what she writes.

Despite his hard exterior, Snapper seems to be passionate about reporting and secretly praises reporters that follow their passion, no matter how unlikely a story will be found, while he himself was ready to blame the Guardian and Lena Luthor as soon as suspicion towards them arose, he still pressured Kara to research her stories' subjects and cite sources to confirm her stories, for the sake of being objective at all costs. He even forced Kara to rewrite her article about Lena's device that can recognize aliens as she wrote it in a biased manner. Nonetheless, as a reporter, he firmly believes that someone of his profession is obligated to view available sources as being dishonest until proven otherwise, acknowledging that even a single mis-written quote or incorrect statistic printed on paper for the general public to peruse could have serious repercussions in the long run. To that end, he bluntly refuses to take the word of Supergirl's testimony at face-value until he could verify further into the matter.

Snapper refuses to acknowledge when an individual is right, like when Kara published information regarding Cadmus kidnapping registered aliens in the United States on her news blog, despite the fact she was later proven to be correct, although Snapper said that he was rooting for Kara's rise as a reporter, he would still fire her for breaking the work agreement with CatCo Worldwide Media by creating a personal news site because she was writing something that had not yet been proven. He later rehired her because her persistence enabled him and Kara to uncover a scandal with Lena's ex-boyfriend.


  • High-level intellect/Expert investigator: Vouched for by Cat Grant herself as one of the best journalists she knows, Snapper's diligence and dedication in his work has earned him an editing position in CatCo Magazine. True enough, Kara Danvers acknowledges that she has much to learn from him while under his tutelage. While working on the same scoop together, he proved astute enough to deduce that Beth Breen also had a hand in Spheerical Industries' publicly fraudulent test results on volunteers for the human trials with Biomax, which was something that Kara overlooked.[8] It was implied that Snapper was one of the very few individuals, alongside Cat and Lena Luthor, who could have prevented Morgan Edge's attempt to take over CatCo Worldwide Media, had he not when out on Sabbatical[9]




  • Snapper seems to have since left CatCo Worldwide Media or was still on sabbatical when Obsidian North bought the company, since he would have fought Andrea Rojas over her turning CatCo Magazine into Obsidian's self-advertising subsidiary.
  • Snapper claims he only said, "thank you" once in his life, to his divorce lawyer, before he said "thanks" to Kara in "Ace Reporter".[8]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC Comics, Lucas "Snapper" Carr was originally the Justice League of America's teenage side-kick. He was given his nickname due to a habit of constantly snapping his fingers. The character was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky. He debuted in The Brave and the Bold #28 (March, 1960).
  • He is a reporter, unlike the comics, but it is like what the character was in the animated TV series Justice League and Justice League Action.