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"I already left once before. I left both of you. Worst mistake I ever... ever made in my entire life. Wasn't gonna make that again. Family shouldn't leave family. I'll always love you"
Thomas Snow

"Snow Pack" is the nineteenth episode of the fifth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-eleventh episode overall. It aired on April 23, 2019.



The scene begins with contention among Barry and Iris. The previous is irate that Iris wouldn't fret the reality Nora's been working with Thawne. When things settle down, Team Flash gets an alert from the medical clinic — somebody's messed up Grace out of her room. The following day, Iris is resolved to bring Nora back and chooses to utilize one of the Time Spheres with the assistance of Ralph have a go at following own Nora.

Later on, Thawne's attempting to help Nora comprehend the Negative Speed Force, something that Barry can't follow. Iris and Ralph go ahead in time and discover Nora. There, she goes nuts over her dad's activity and races off, figuring out how to pop open the Negative Speed Force.

Caitlin's father breaks into her mother's lab, taking a bit of innovation out of the cryovault. Group Flash shows up presently, driving Caitlin and her mom into an immense battle. Tom returns and starts battling with both Caitlin and her mom, thumping them both out. Icicle hijacks his significant other and little girl and we discover that he needs to transform Carla into a meta utilizing the taken innovation and for all time curb the human sides of the two so he can have an "Ice Family" of sorts.

Caitlin busts of the holding cell and leads Icicle on a pursuit while Barry speeds in and salvages Carla. Amidst their battle, Thomas can diffuse through his Icicle persona lastly turn around into a human. He and Caitlin grasp and return to Icicle's sanctuary where Cicada 2.0 has trapped Barry. Cicada picks up the advantage and Thomas surges in to forfeit himself, sparing Barry, Carla, and Caitlin.

Barry and Iris talk at their place soon thereafter about the circumstance they end up in. The two in the end present appropriate reparations while Nora jumps out of the Negative Speed Force elsewhere in the city. The scene closes with future Grace attempting to bring present timetable Grace out of her unconsciousness.



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  • The introduction of the Negative Speed Force creates a few inconsistencies with past episodes in which Eobard was stated or implied to have a connection to the regular Speed Force.
    • In "Tricksters", Gideon tells Eobard in a flashback that his cells contain no trace of the Speed Force after his latest time jump against the Flash.
    • In "The Reverse-Flash Returns", Eobard's younger self has traveled to the present, and Harry Wells explains that he is a time remnant and is protected from timeline changes by the Speed Force like a bomb shelter.
    • In "Flash Back", Eobard is familiar with Time Wraiths, even though Time Wraiths are only known to be affiliated with the Speed Force.