Sofia Tomarquin is the wife of Felix Tomarquin and the aunt of Paloma Aguilar.


Early life

At some point in 1989, Sofia Tomarquin and her husband obtained their U.S. Citizenship thanks to the police. At some point, Peter Aguilar sent her daughter to their place in order to protect her from Reuben Calderon after he murdered her brothers.

Calderon Trial

In 1990, they celebrate their first year of being American citizen. And thanked Barry Allen by giving him a cake. The next day, she would be with her husband and Paloma to the church when an incident happened. When Paloma complained that the Santero is delusional, she told Barry that her niece knew nothing. The following day, they were at the Santero's shop, and she saw Paloma trowing away the talisman the Santero gave her. Days later, after the Arrest of Marcos Trachmann and Reuben Calderon, they were dining at their restaurant and Peter told them that he thanked the Flash for saving them.[1]


The Flash


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