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The solar hammer[1] is a mysterious weapon of alien origins which, whenever it comes into contact with a surface, generates a burst of light energy.


The story and origin of the artifact are unknown, however it was somehow recovered by Superman in one of his adventures and stored in the Fortress of Solitude among many other artifacts and trophies.

When Oliver Queen, Barry Allen, and Cisco Ramon visited the Fortress in order to ask for Clark's help, a curious Cisco touched the hammer, and a dazzling explosion of light briefly blinded everyone, to which Lois Lane declared that he shouldn't touch it.

Lois holding the hammer.

Lois then brought the weapon to Earth-1 and assisted Superman in the final battle with John Deegan, momentarily blinding him.[2]

When Manchester Black and The Elite broke into the Fortress in search of a weapon to use against Ben Lockwood, he briefly stopped to admire the hammer.[3] Later, Nia Nal used the hammer to test the limits of James Olsen's newfound Harun-El-induced powers.[4]


  • Light wave emission: The hammer emits a burst of light energy when it comes into contact with any physical surface. It is mainly used to momentarily blind opponents.
  • Enhanced damaging: It appears that this hammer's capability of harming is higher than of a usual hammer in that size, even in the hands of a human.



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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, the solar hammer and the Cosmic anvil are two items depicted in the non-continuity title All-Star Superman #2 (February, 2006) that Superman uses to forge miniature suns to feed the baby Sun-Eater he keeps as a pet.
  • Despite never being referred to as the "solar hammer", Elizabeth Tulloch revealed on Twitter that the artifact is actually a version of said item.[1]