The sonic amplifier is a weapon created by Curtis Holt for Dinah Drake to aid her sonic scream during her vigilantism.


Four months after Dinah Drake joined Team Arrow, Curtis Holt designed the sonic amplifier to help focus her sonic scream and neutralize the effects of sonic dampeners in missions.[1]

When Team Arrow was kidnapped by Prometheus's team and imprisoned on Lian Yu, Oliver Queen allowed himself to get captured so he could secretly smuggle the sonic amplifier to Dinah. With the weapon overriding the sonic dampener on their cell, Dinah used her powers to free Team Arrow of their restraints and battle Adrian Chase.[2]

Weapon specifications

  • Sonic cry focus: The sonic amplifier allows Dinah Drake to more easily focus her sonic scream, and even potentially boost this power.[1]
  • Sonic dampener bypass: The device allows Dinah's powers to bypass the effects of a sonic dampener.[1][2]

Known users

Former users



Season 5

Season 6


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