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The sonic gloves are lethal sonic weapons that were created and designed by Hartley Rathaway.


Original timeline[]

A few months after the particle accelerator explosion, Hartley used this device on Rathaway Industries but set it on low power so that he can be caught by the Flash. Later Cisco was examining it and discovered that Hartley used himself as bait. Hartley took a pendrive from the device and took Barry's vital signs.

When Harrison Wells was giving his statement, Hartley was fixing and modifying the device. Later, he hacked into Dr. Well's comms and challenged him to send the Flash after him. Meanwhile, he was using the device to move and throw cars from the dam. When Barry disarmed him, the device started working on its own and was killing Barry by making a strange noise. It was destroyed by Harrison Wells by sending a stronger frequency than Hartley's device.[1]

Current timeline[]

After Barry traveled through time and altered the timeline, Hartley's Sonic Gloves were still working and helped to destroy the Time Wraith to save Barry.[2]

Erased future[]

In the erased future Nora is from, at some point in or before 2032, the sonic gloves were put on display in the Flash Museum's Hall of Villains.[3]



  • Sonic beam emission: The user is able to create powerful sonic beams. It was used by Hartley when it was destroyed by Harrison Wells.
  • Pendrive: It can also be used as a Pendrive. It was used by Hartley to steal Barry's vital signs.

Known users[]


The Flash[]

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  • The wrist portions of the gloves resembled the body of either a clarinet, flute or a saxophone.
    • This could be a reference to Hartley's comic book counterpart; who is a flute player.