"They call me "Sonny" on account of my sunny disposition."
—Sonny explaining his nickname to the Council of Harrisons[src]

Harrison "Sonny" Wells is a resident of Earth-24. He is a member of the Council of Harrisons, and a former member of the Council of Wells.


Sonny was a member of the Council of Wells, before being kicked out. He soon joined the Council of Harrisons. Meeting the other members, he greeted them by explaining his nickname and quoting his motto. Agreeing to help with Harry Wells' dwindling intelligence, they attempted to get him to open up. This eventually led to the realization that Team Flash needed to attack their problem of DeVoe from an emotional perspective. Sonny reassured Harry that he was unbelievable, before leaving.[1]


"Be kind. Rewind."
—Sonny's motto[src]

Sonny is an inherently positive person, claiming his nickname to be a result of his "sunny disposition". While carrying himself with a rather smug demeanor, he believes in being kind to others, using a motto in regards to this.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Genius-level intellect: Sonny was invited to the Council of Wells due to his vast intellect. Although he was released from this organization, he was considered emotionally astute enough to join the Council of Harrisons.


  • Sonny's motto comes from old policy stickers on VHS tapes (be kind, please rewind) from video rental places (before the invention of DVD made rewinding film moot).
  • It's very possible Sonny is the "New York City Wells" who Nash refers to in "The Exorcism of Nash Wells".


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