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Sophie Cushing is a resident of Smallville. She is the daughter of Kyle Cushing and Lana Lang Cushing, and the younger sister of Sarah Cushing.


Early life

Sophie was born to Lana Lang and Kyle Cushing. She was raised in Smallville and has a older sister named Sarah.[1]

Return of the Kent family

When Martha Kent died, Sophie went to the funeral with her family. There, she met the Kent family. Sophie recognized Clark from her mother's Facebook, Lana said that they studied together and Sophie counter that they dated, and it pissed her dad off. So Lana sent Sophie to play.[1]

Hanging with her big sister

Sophie was with her sister when Morgan Edge arrived in the city. Then she painted Sarah's nails until Jonathan and Jordan arrived. After talking, Sarah took Soph to her family's barbecue.[2]

In a discussion with her mother about the facts of their family's dysfunction, Sarah mentioned that Sophie picks on the students in her class. Sophie was also present at her family dinner that Sarah decided not to attend.[3]

Days later, Sophie went to breakfast with her family. When Lana arrived, she said that her father didn't burn any pancakes. Sophie and Sara were surprised to see Lana give Kyle a compliment.[4]

Later, Sophie helped Lana unpack donations from the Harvest Festival.[5]

One Saturday, instead of going to Metropolis to the football game there, Sarah volunteered to baby-sit Sophie so their parents could have a date. Sophie was sent to her room to get a blanket so the sisters could be comfortable as they watched TV, but when Sophie returned, Sarah was gone, because Tag Harris had abducted her.[6]

Since Lana was busy working at home, Sophie answered the door and allowed Emily Phan to enter.[7]

Sophie visited Lana's parents as the rest of the family dealt with Kyle.[8]


As a child, Sophie has no discernment about what she is going to talk about, not thinking about the consequences. She revealed to Clark Kent that Kyle doesn't like him because he already dated Lana. In addition, she is mentioned to pick on the students in her classroom. Despite this, Sophie is a very affectionate girl who loves her family.

Sophie also bullies her classmates. For this reason, she is described as "cruel" by her mother.


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