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"I thought I could have both. The version of me that my school and my family could be proud of, and the version of me who knew who she was."
—Sophie Moore to her mother[src]

Sophie Moore (born c. 1991/1992)[1] is the former second-in-command of Crows Security and a member of the Bat Team. She is also the estranged daughter of an unnamed woman and an unnamed man, the older sister of Jordan Moore, the ex-wife of Tyler, the ex-girlfriend/friend of Kate Kane, the former partner/ex-girlfriend of Julia Pennyworth and the girlfriend of Ryan Wilder.

In an erased future called Reverse-Flashpoint, caused by Eobard Thawne, Sophie married Ryan.


Original multiverse[]

Early life[]

Sophie Moore was born around 1991 or 1992 to an unnamed woman and an unnamed man. She had a younger sister, named Jordan.[2] Sophie was raised in a conservative, working-class family. Upon discovering that; she was attracted to women, Sophie feared coming out to anyone; especially her family, as her parents held prejudiced views towards LGBT individuals.[3]

Time at Point Rock Academy[]

In adulthood, Sophie studied at Point Rock Academy. She developed a secret romantic relationship; with her roommate, Kate Kane, despite the policy of "don't ask, don't tell"; which was still in effect at the time.

Point Rock Academy

Sophie and Kate in Point Rock Academy.

Three years later, a week before graduation, Sophie and Kate snuck off to (carelessly/recklessly) make out in a shed and carved their initials; into it. But unfortunately, the women were then caught; by a superior and forced to reveal their relationship. Given the option to deny the homosexual allegations, Sophie and Kate initially decided to tell the truth, feeling optimistic that; the school wouldn't kick out their best cadets. Before her hearing, Sophie asked the school not to call her mother, fearing the woman's reaction if she found out. She was then visited by Kate's father, Jacob Kane; who pointed out that; Point Rock would just expel both her and Kate no matter what, despite the two being their best students. After this talk, Sophie decided to take the offer, wishing to graduate and earn a livelihood for herself and her family. As a result; she and Kate broke up.[4][3]

Inside, Sophie found a CO removing Kate's honors from the trophy case; including her sharpshooting medal. Upset at this, Sophie revealed to the officer that Kate didn't; even try at the contest, having been very hungover from tequila shots the night; before. But she still managed to be the best out of 200 other cadets as the only one to hit the target dead on every time. Sophie protested that; Kate did more for Point Rock than anyone; who'd ever attended and while they can scrub her name from every plaque, roster and banner, they'll never erase Kate or the impact she left. Sophie acquired Kate's medal and secretly kept it as a memento of her ex-girlfriend.[3]

Jacob with Sophie at her graduation

Sophie with Jacob at her graduation.

After graduation, Sophie went on to work for Crows Security, soon rising to become a high-ranking agent and earning the personal respect of Commander Kane, who eventually made her his right-hand. In 2015,[5] she married fellow Crows agent Tyler.[4] However, Sophie kept Tyler and her social circle in the dark about her sexual orientation.

Rise of Batwoman[]

Sophie is kidnapped by the Wonderland gang

Sophie is kidnapped by the Wonderland gang.

In 2018, Sophie helped lead the team during an event in which the Bat-Signal was being turned off. During the event, Sophie sees someone in a white rabbit mask and proceeds to chase after them. She manages to grab onto the person wearing the white rabbit mask, but the two end up fighting one another. She then gets grabbed from behind after incapacitating the person in the white rabbit mask. She falls off the railing in the second fight, but her fall is cushioned. However, a Gang wearing animal masks takes her captive. She gets knocked out and is put inside a van.

Later, it's revealed that Sophie was kidnapped by the Wonderland gang, whose leader, Alice, wished to make a statement to Commander Kane. The following night, Sophie was taken as a hostage with her mouth gagged and made to stand on a plank of wood hanging from a skyscraper above the city's Movie in the Park event. Dodgson, one of Sophie's co-workers is seen walking to where Alice is keeping her. Sophie asks for help, but he's revealed to be working with Alice, as she tells her to have fun and walks away, with Sophie calling him a traitor.

Sophie is saved by Batwoman

Sophie is saved by Batwoman.

The barrel holding the plank up was eventually slashed open, causing Sophie to plummet down, however, she was saved by a masked vigilante, who covered her as they crashed down into an abandoned building; after getting her mouth-gag removed and seeing the individual from up-close, Sophie could tell that her rescuer was a woman causing her to breath out in awe that the latter was not "him". Looking soulfully into Sophie's eyes, and vice-versa with their faces only inches away from each other, the dark-clad female silently motions for the former to remain quiet before getting up to take her leave—leading to an awkward scene when the vigilante tried to open the door, only to realize that it was locked. Casting an embarrassed smile at Sophie over her shoulder, the other woman proceeded to unlock the door and grapple-hooks away outside.

Sophie meets Kate at the Crows Headquarters

Sophie meets Kate at the Crows Headquarters.

Returning to work, Sophie chose to withheld to her commander and peers at Crows Security—who were under the impression that her being rescued marks the return of Batman, or a copycat of his, to Gotham—that the Bat-themed vigilante responsible for saving her was in fact female, and then caught a glimpse of Kate from above. She went to find her trying to procure some beverage from a bending machine that GCPD apparently gifted the Crows with on a Christmas, thanking Kate for returning to help. They were joined by Tyler, whom Sophie introduced to Kate, who was hurt that her “old fling” settled down without her even realizing it up to that point.[4]

Sophie in the Crows headquarters

Sophie in the Crows headquarters.

Sophie was later seen at the Crows reviewing news articles concerning the masked person who saved her from a couple nights back when Kate approached her. Having been ruminating for a while now, Sophie decides to confront her ex if the latter was the one who saved her that night. Kate acts dumb in response and denies Sophie’s inferred supposition; but Sophie doesn’t buy it and points out to Kate that it will not sit well with her father, Jacob, if he learns that his own daughter is masquerading as a vigilante. Seemingly amused of that notion, Kate affirms her stance of not being Sophie’s savior, coming close to flirting with Sophie but then notices the Crows commander disapprovingly observing them from his office, prompting Kate that she and Sophie continue this conversation at somewhere more private.

Sophie talks to Kate

Sophie talks to Kate.

She was then taken by Sophie to the Crow’s base-level parking lot underneath of their establishment where Kate discloses the purpose of her visit, giving Sophie the knife she was able to obtain from Alice imploring her ex if she could arrange to have the implement analyzed for DNA. Understandably, Sophie immediately has her reservations even though Kate would not be dissuaded. She declines Kate’s request, not wanting to commit anything that could be viewed as insubordination towards her Jacob, who was both her unquestioned Crows’ superior and Kate’s own dad, and gives back the knife to Kate who takes it—noticing the wedding ring that Sophie had on leading to a tense and awkward moment between the two of them. Kate solemnly tells Sophie that she would have returned sooner if she caught wind of Sophie's wedding to Tyler; not to take part, but to prevent it from happening. Probably done right after the priest says something along the lines of "Speak now or forever hold your peace!".

The Crows meet Alice and Kate

The Crows meet Alice and Kate.

Just then, the sound of whizzing air was heard as thrown canisters releasing smokescreen came into Kate and Sophie’s view. A van appeared and drove right for them, forcing Sophie to grab Kate and pull her into safety causing the two women to fall to the ground with Sophie looming on top of the other woman. Gratified, and clearly liking the experience, Kate thanks Sophie when the van’s rear doors opened and men wearing rabbit-masks emerged spewing forth further smoke as they did while Sophie helped her ex up to her feet again. One of the masked men declared they have something of Alice's that she now wants back, forcing Sophie and Kate to get back-to-back with each other and enter into defenses stances. They tried to fight back but were at a disadvantage because of the cough-inducing smoke and the baseball bats that these men brought with them, swinging such at the two women. This resulted in Kate dropping Alice’s knife and allowing one of the assailants to retrieve it. And having acquired their prize, these men quickly gets back inside of their vehicle and sped off leaving Kate, with a panting Sophie standing next to her, exactly where she started with trying to prove that Alice is Beth but far worse with the lead she thus far had now taken off the table.

Sophie and Kate argue

Sophie and Kate argue.

The two of them were later seen in Jacob’s office, waiting for the man himself to arrive. Kate humors her ex for a bit, which the latter appreciates, when the door slams open as the commander bursts into the room. He chides Kate’s conduct for unnecessarily provoking Alice when Kate took the villainess' knife. But Kate, in turn, counters that she procured the knife very discreetly and only showed it to him, Mary and Catherine. So Alice could not have known that Kate had it, at least not without some intel passed on to her from inside of the Kane-Hamilton family or the Crows; Dodgson may not have been the only person from the latter whom Alice managed to turn. Jacob would not hear of it, asking his second-in-command to help him Kate see some reason. This time, Sophie showed some leniency and instead reasons that there was no harm in subjecting Alice’s DNA to forensic analysis; and that is assuming they could apprehend her. Her response pleases Kate but her father remains adamant, culminating to an argument between him and his daughter with neither willing to give up on their conviction. Jacob then informs that they have given sanction by the city's police department to terminate Alice on sight, and he intends to act on that to the best of his and security firm’s ability. A Crows agent enters the room to inform everyone present there that last night’s lead on the Wonderland gang went cold when the blood trail from an injured gang member suddenly ended somewhere around Bennett Avenue, giving Kate an idea as to where said member of Alice's gang could right now be. And more importantly, whose care that person is currently in.[6]

Sophie escorts Mary at Gotham University

Sophie escorts Mary at Gotham University.

Sophie is later assigned to protect Mary Hamilton due to the latter having become Alice's target. Sophie confronted Mary in Kane penthouse and said that she would be her new security. Much to Mary's dismay and embarrassment, Sophie followed her the whole day, even during her classes at Gotham University. While doing her schoolwork, Mary commented that she could not find her "future husband" if Sophie kept following her around, proceeding to ask about her own marriage. Sophie avoided the question by asking instead about Kate and why she continued to refuse to join the Crows, to which Mary replied that it was because Sophie is one of them.

Kate, Mary and Sophie awkwardly take an elevator together

An awkward elevator trip.

Later, Sophie attended Tommy Elliot's party at Elliot Tower. She and Mary were riding together in an elevator when Kate entered. Sophie explains why she's there with Mary; explaining she's her security detail. Kate mouthed an "I'm sorry" to Mary, to which Mary mouthed back that she knows. Sophie then asks Kate why she's at the party, and Kate says that she was told to move on. The elevator began a long ascent, dominated by an embarrassed silence. They all go up to the top floor.

Sophie, Tyler, and Mary take one elevator. In the elevator, Sophie discovers that the outgoing signal is dead. As they wait in the elevator, Tyler tells Sophie that he talked to Kate. He wonders why Sophie never mentioned Kate when they went to Point Rock together and Sophie claims that they weren't that close. Sophie and Tyler manage to pry the elevator door open and climb out. Tyler goes to find help and Sophie helps Mary out. When Sophie doubts Mary medical advice because she's only a second-year med-student; she tells her that she reads ahead.

As Sophie continued to help people in the aftermath of Tommy's attack, she noticed Kate being asked out by a bartender, leaving her somewhat saddened.[5]

Sophie listens as Vesper Fairchild wonders where Batwoman was. Later, Sophie came in Jacob's office and gave him a report showing that the IED that hit Alice's van was Hamilton Dynamics' technology, prompting him to wonder who at Hamilton would want to ambush the convoy.

Magpie is arrested

Magpie is arrested by Sophie.

Later at Gotham Museum of Antiquities, when Kate sees Reagan at the bar and avoids her, but first goes and hides her bag with her suit in a supply closet, Sophie comes over and says that she's working security in case Magpie shows. Reagan comes over and makes it clear that she's with Kate, and Sophie tells them to have fun after a tense and awkward moment between the three.

The lights in the museum go out, and Magpie sets off the fire alarm. Sophie moves people toward the exit and the security guards move in. When Magpie is defeated by Batwoman, it is discovered that she is actually Margot, the photographer taking pictures of the necklace. Sophie takes her to Blackgate Penitentiary.[7]

Jacob and Sophie on the road

Jacob and Sophie on the road.

After Kate managed to capture Alice, she called Jacob in order for him to track the call and locate them both. Jacob decided not to send the whole team but instead to go himself taking only Sophie with him; while on the road, Sophie asked him if he was feeling okay due to noticing Jacob was quieter than usual, prompting him to reveal to her that he and Catherine were going through a rough patch. Sophie realized that Kate was right the whole time, but Jacob told her that they have to capture Alice and test her DNA.

After reaching Dusty's Roadside Diner, Sophie and Jacob were ambushed by Dodgson and several Wonderland Gang members. While Sophie distracted Dodgson's goons, Jacob managed to shoot a propane tank making it explode and scattering the criminals in the process. Finding Dogdson on the floor, Jacob confronted him. Jacob to angrily slam his former employee to the ground and beat him to a pulp until Sophie pulled him away. Convinced that the trail regarding Kate's whereabouts has gone cold, Sophie and Jacob were on their way back to Gotham when the man realized he had been down that path earlier, and figured out where Beth and Kate are, reaching the old Cartwright house.

Sophie goes into one of the shacks in the Cartwright residence to investigate and comes across the skin grafts for a human face that Mouse's dad used to put on his son years earlier. She then hears Kate yelling out to her, but it turns out to be, a now adult Mouse, mimicking Kate, and he proceeds to attack her. Meanwhile, similar to Beth years prior, Kate uses a nail to pick the lock on her handcuffs. Back at the shacks, Sophie knocks Mouse loose and he stops to put the skin graft on face back on. She runs off and finds Kate. Alice was about to kill Jacob before Kate entered, holding Mouse hostage and ordered she let their father go. Alice refused, believing Kate didn't have it in her. However, Sophie entered and exclaimed that she did. Beth knew it was true and let Jacob go, taking Mouse with her as she fled.[8]

Jacob watch a report on Angus Stanton's death

Sophie watch a report on Angus Stanton's death.

Sophie later comes in Crows HQ and says that Jacob and Kate want to see a news report. A reporter on Channel 8's Gotham City News is talking about Angus Stanton death, he was killed by the Executioner. Sophie asks Jacob permission for a special assignment, this time concerning who is behind Batwoman's mask.

Later, as Batwoman enters a building via the basement, Sophie finds her. They hear a woman scream and run up and discover that the screaming is coming from loudspeakers. Stu Donnelly comes in and sets off automated guns, killing him as Batwoman tackles Sophie to the floor. Sophie is hit and calls Batwoman "Kate" before passing out.

Sophie awakens in Mary's secret clinic

Sophie awakens in Mary's secret clinic.

Batwoman takes Sophie to the clinic and Mary tends to her. When asked why she didn't take her to the hospital, since Sophie can afford it, she explains that the clinic was closer than a hospital and that Mary can't let Sophie leave.

Sophie wakes up and Mary tells her to stay down. She says that Batwoman brought Sophie in, and Sophie takes in the clinic. Mary explains that she's usually there trying to help serve the people that Gotham hospitals turn away. She insists that Jacob can't find out about the clinic. Sophie discovers that she's handcuffed to the bed, and Mary explains that Batwoman did it. Mary says that she doesn't want to know who Batwoman is and that frankly, she doesn't want that kind of responsibility. Thus, Sophie says that she does in fact know and that's why Batwoman won't let her leave.

Mary gives a box of ibuprofen and some warnings to Sophie

Mary gives a box of ibuprofen and some warnings to Sophie.

Sophie manages to free herself and tries to sneak out. Mary comes in and Sophie says that she's trying to keep Batwoman from getting killed. When Mary says that Sophie betrayed Kate, and she saw what it did to Kate. She gives Sophie ibuprofen and asks her not to tell Jacob about the clinic once more, and maybe think about whether she wants to hurt Batwoman.[9]

Suspicious of Kate[]

Sophie sees the Batwoman go up

Sophie sees the Batwoman go up.

Sophie finds Batwoman walking away, trains her gun on her, and says that Jacob needs to know that Batwoman is Kate. Batwoman asks if she trusts her and then takes off on a line. Tyler comes over, and Sophie tells him that Batwoman just took off without talking to her. At the Crows headquarters, Sophie tells Tyler that she needs to talk to Jacob about something and wonders where he is. She promises that he will be the second person to know.

Sophie tells Tyler she doesn't know who Batwoman is

Sophie tells Tyler she doesn't know who Batwoman is.

Tyler checks the surveillance footage and finds video of Sophie and Batwoman together. He asks if Sophie is working with her and knows who Batwoman is underneath the cowl. Sophie lies and says she doesn't. She claims that she just told Batwoman to surrender. Sophie gets a message from Kate on her computer and tells Tyler that she has an errand to run. He wonders if it's Batwoman, and Sophie says that she'll tell him everything when she gets back.

Sophie and Kate at Alessandro's

Sophie and Kate at Alessandro's.

Kate is eating at Alessandro's and Sophie joins her. As Kate starts to explain, the owner, Alessandro, comes over and tells Kate that they have a dress code. He invites them to go outside, but Kate declines his invitation. Alessandro asks her to avoid a scene. So she threatens to call Mary, loudly saying that with her 3.5 million followers at her step-sister’s disposal, one snap from her, and she will shut this place down faster than the owner can say, “gay people make me feel uncomfortable!”. The owner gives up, but Kate gets up and says she has changed her mind about eating at this establishment after all.

Sophie follows her and complains that Kate is being too forward, to which Kate says she wasn’t going to go in the closet because of that jerk inside. Sophie then admits that she was going to tell the truth at their hearing when they were facing expulsion for engaging in homosexual activity, but she got a second opinion. Sophie says to Kate that Jacob opened her eyes to reality, and that because of this, she graduated and made money for her family. Jacob also handpicked her to join the Crows.

Later, Sophie tells Tyler about almost being expelled from Point Rock for dating a girl. Tyler wants details, and Sophie says that they were together for three years after meeting their sophomore year. She mentions how their dorm rooms were in the same building. She insists that the relationship wasn't significant, but Tyler says three years is longer than any relationship he’s had outside of Sophie. He asks his wife why she didn't tell him. Sophie explains that even her mother doesn't know, and he’s met her after all, so he knows how she is. She confesses that in the end, she just wanted it all to go away. Tyler asks if her thing with Kate has gone away. Sophie doesn't answer, and Tyler walks away.

Sophie is made to believe that Kate isn't Batwoman

Sophie is made to believe that Kate isn't Batwoman.

Sophie tells Jacob that Kate is Batwoman and they need to stop anyone trying to kill her. So, Sophie and her team break into the building the microspectrometer led them to. Sophie tracks the signal to an apartment and finds Batwoman there (who really is Julia Pennyworth). She tells Batwoman to get out, and says that if she could do it again, she would have left Point Rock with her. Sophie explains that she told Jacob about her secret identity to keep Batwoman from being killed and takes Batwoman's hand. Just then Kate comes in, and someone shoots the coil accelerator gun at "Batwoman", blasting through her Kevlar costume and stunning her. Sophie tells Kate about the weapon and how it's designed to pierce through the suit.

Sophie talks to Tyler

Sophie talks to Tyler.

Later, Sophie meets with Kate and tells her that she told Jacob she was wrong about Kate being Batwoman. Kate explains that she invited Sophie to dinner to try to clear things up; she admits that she hasn't gotten over Sophie but figures that it isn't fair to her or Tyler. Kate tells Sophie that it's best if she keeps her distance from Sophie now. Sophie gives her a present and wishes her good luck in her new real estate endeavors as she leaves. Kate opens the present box and finds the marksmanship medal inside. Sophie claims to Tyler that her feelings for Kate went away the day she chose him, as he's the only one she loves now. They kiss, and Sophie hugs Tyler.[3]

Dissolving marriage[]

Sophie and Tyler tied at Crows headquarters

Sophie and Tyler tied at Crows headquarters.

A couple of days later, Sophie and Tyler discuss taking a vacation from the Crows. "Jacob" arrives and wants to plan the security for the honoring gala Catherine Hamilton-Kane; the two are tranquilized by the impostor. They awaken to find themselves tied up in the sound-proof room. As the two contemplate Alice's motives for not just killing them, the subject of Kate's love for Sophie is discussed. Tyler suggests that they free themselves and uses Sophie's engagement ring to cut their binds. Later that night, Tyler asks Sophie if she is "in love" with him; she replies, "i don't know". Tyler leaves her to give her time to figure out whether she wants the same future he envisions.[10]

Anti-Monitor Crisis[]

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Sophie as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[11] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[12]

New multiverse[]

Speedy promotion[]

Sophie visits the Cluemaster in prison

Sophie visits the Cluemaster in prison.

In 2016, as routine; when Sophie joined the crows, she was placed on call duty, taking phone calls and tips for other crows to handle. Meanwhile, Arthur Brown placed in the Gotham City Gazette that; he planned to kill other individuals and dared the crows to solve the clues that; he had placed in the newspaper to save other individuals.

Sophie received a call from Stephanie Brown with all of the answers; but Sophie had to promise not to reveal Stephanie's identity. Because Sophie took the credit for the revelation, Arthur Brown was sentenced to Blackgate for life in prison; but he had no idea how Sophie solved his puzzles. Meanwhile, Sophie received a promotion to field agent; instead of spending a year in the call center.[13]

Eventually, Sophie ran; into then-criminal Ryan Wilder and her runaway girlfriend, Angelique Martin.[14]

At some point, Sophie and the crows were chasing a serial rapist; when the rapist was caught, the evidence against him was circumstantial. Before he went to court, evidence against the rapist "appeared", causing his conviction to Blackgate. Sophie did not question the origin of the evidence; she was merely happy that; a rapist was off the streets.[15]

Leading the Crows[]

Sophie became the commander of Crows Security since Jacob Kane was in jail for allegedly murdering his wife. Sophie was now separated from her husband and, emotionally, focused her pain and anger into her job.

Sophie talks to Mary on the phone

Sophie talks to Mary on the phone.

A hacker called Terrier almost caused a train to crash; Sophie suspected that hackers that the Crows had under observation were responsible. She had the hackers captured and pistol-whipped one for information, but he was not to blame and knew nothing helpful with that case.

Later, Sophie led a team into the dorms of Gotham University because Mary Hamilton thought she saw Alice there, but the team was unsuccessful in finding her. When Sophie went to Mary's clinic to tell Mary about the failed op, she convinced her to keep the clinic open.

A text came that Alice was sighted at Gotham Prep with a bomb causing Sophie to lead the Crows and later the GCPD in evacuating the high school dance. Alice was captured and Sophie convinced the mayor to allow her to interrogate the criminal so that Mouse could be found.[16]

Alice in Sophie Moore's custody

Alice in Sophie's custody.

Alice tells Sophie that she wants a birthday present; in particular, she wants her copy of Alice in Wonderland, but Sophie says that she is not going to celebrate her birthday. Alice says that plans are in the works, causing Sophie to know that something was not right, so she calls Jacob in jail to get his advice, but Jacob's only advice is that Alice belongs in Arkham. When Kate comes saying that Alice was in Wayne Tower, Sophie shows Kate that Alice is on perpetual watch with multiple cameras.

Mouse sent a manifesto that all of Gotham sees; he wanted Alice's release in exchange for Bryan Akins and Steven Forbes. Sophie decided to pacify Alice in hopes that she would lead the Crows to Mouse. Experiments were performed on the book to find why Alice wanted, but it was only pages held together by thread. Alice told Sophie that the book was important to her because it allowed her to be elsewhere; Sophie then became uncomfortable as Alice related her lack of physical freedom with Sophie's lack of sexual freedom.

Alice points a gun at Sophie

Alice points a gun at Sophie.

Mouse calls Sophie's phone and she allows Mouse and Alice to talk. During the conversation, Sophie discovers that Kate is a hostage too; Kate tells Sophie in code not to release Alice under any circumstances. Alice is amused that Sophie and Kate have a coded language so she reveals that she and Mouse had one as well and how August Cartwright killed her kitten spitefully years ago.

Sophie listens further as Alice tells how Beth mentally died while learning to make "mask technology"; when the story is finished, Sophie orders her colleagues to send the criminal to Arkham. Suddenly, the Crows' leader notices that the pages of the book are loose and the thread is missing. By the time Sophie gets to the parking garage, Alice has used the thread in helping to escape and to kill the guards. Alice holds Sophie at gunpoint and tells her that she is in a worse hell than Alice has ever known, for Sophie's hell is of her own creation. Sophie closes her eyes as Alice places her gun behind Sophie's ear; Alice then flees, leaving Sophie defeated and with tears.

After instructing Miguel Robles on how to keep Alice in the city, Sophie saw Kate and wished her a happy birthday; they were distracted by a news report about the citizens demanding the lighting of the Bat-Signal. Later, Sophie met Jacob and they decided that the escape of Alice was beneficial because now she is a dangerous fugitive and subject to execution without prejudice.[17]

Sophie talks to Ethan Campbell in Blackgate

Sophie talks to "Ethan Campbell" in Blackgate.

Sophie went to Blackgate with "Ethan Campbell" and they had a meeting with Jacob; "Campbell" said that he did not believe that such "mask technology" as they described was possible, but if he could meet with this so-called "Mouse", he'll testify that Jacob might not have killed his wife. After the meeting, Sophie revealed to Jacob that she does not believe that she is doing a good job at being leader; Jacob reassured her.

When Sophie returned to Crows Headquarters, she had a major meeting where she told everyone that the Crows were to kill Alice on sight. She ordered that any place that did not require a warrant for entry was to be infiltrated and its residents were to be questioned for the whereabouts of Gotham City's most wanted criminal.

Sophie arrives at Wayne Tower

Sophie arrives at Wayne Tower.

Later, Batwoman approached Sophie about her tactics; she asked could she be trusted instead of Sophie acting despotic. Sophie denied her request, citing how Batwoman assaulted five of her colleagues at a checkpoint earlier.

A call came to the Crows that Alice was in Wayne Tower, so Sophie led a squadron into the building; after a thorough search, she was not found there.

However, the Batbike was seen with two people onboard on its way to Twin Pines Inn, so Sophie stationed herself there to see a man and a woman with brown hair dislodge from the vehicle. Sophie aimed her sites on the woman, as she greatly resembled Alice, but decided not to fire. Suddenly, a shot rang out and Sophie saw the woman killed.[18]

Falling in love with Batwoman[]

"You're gonna get my ass fired."
—Sophie Moore to Batwoman[src]
Jacob and Sophie at the morgue

Sophie and Jacob at the morgue.

Jacob Kane is released from prison and the public believes that Alice is dead; Sophie meets Jacob at the morgue where they see the body.

Later, Sophie leads a team into a warehouse and she finds Batwoman tied up. Batwoman tells her to help another woman who is bound nearby, but Sophie unties Batwoman instead, warning her that when next they meet, Sophie will arrest her. Sophie moves close to kiss her, but stops when she hears her subordinates approaching. She runs over to the unconscious woman, distracting the Crows until Batwoman flees.

Sophie and Mary at the Hold Up inauguration

Sophie and Mary at The Hold Up's inauguration.

Soon after, Sophie's boss, Jacob Kane, has a meeting and assigns Sophie to go to the opening of The Hold Up to find the serial killer Nocturna. She arrives there in a rather sensual outfit that made both Kate and Luke, who were monitoring the establishment via the surveillance cameras, go all slack-jawed. At the club, Mary Hamilton is impressed with Sophie's outfit, causing Sophie to blush and say that she is just trying to blend with the other club patrons. Mary tricks Sophie into drinking vodka though Sophie is at work. Sophie decides to reveal to Mary that she freed Batwoman from capture, but has her promise not to tell Jacob. Elle Scantlin interrupts the conversation and flirts with Sophie by complimenting her outfit. When Mary leaves, they talk and laugh as Kate observes. The two discuss Elle's past association with the Crows and how she would rather Batwoman's protection when Kate interrupts by serving the two drinks. Kate cuts herself which causes Elle to become light-headed, but Sophie does not stay because she receives a phone call from Jacob.

Jacob suspend Sophie

Sophie is suspended.

Jacob has discovered that she helps Batwoman and suspended her. Later, she informs Batwoman of her situation; Batwoman says that she understands her concern for her job and reputation, but at the moment Batwoman turns to leave, Sophie says to wait and they kiss.[19]

The next night, Batwoman goes to Sophie's home and they have an official first date. Batwoman wants to protect her and says that they don't see again because she has enemies and that if they do the link she will be in danger, but Sophie answers her that she can defend herself; then they kiss. But Sophie's mother arrives, forcing Batwoman to leave.

Sophie and Batwoman's kiss is interrupted

Sophie and Batwoman's kiss is interrupted.

The next day, as the women eat, Sophie reveals to her mother that she and Tyler are no longer together, upsetting her mother who assumed that Tyler left her daughter, though it was the other way around. Her mother was in disbelief with Sophie's recent life choices, including her suspension from the Crows and seeming eagerness to favor Batwoman more than anything. The two compare Batwoman and Batman; ultimately, her mother reveals her dislike for homosexuals.

Later, Sophie met with Batwoman who talks her into pretending to be a Crow and into questioning "Ethan Campbell" at his office. He reveals his past with Duela Dent; Sophie tells Batwoman.

Another evening comes and Sophie listens to the Crows' radio frequency. She jumps into her car and finds Batwoman at the make-up truck belonging to Veronica May to warn the vigilante that the Crows were coming. Batwoman says that she was not leaving until she has found all who were missing from the truck; Sophie uses her detective skills to determine that Duela put people in another vehicle and left. The Crows arrive via helicopter and truck; Batwoman grabs Sophie's hand and tells to ride with her on the Batbike; Sophie is thrilled as they evade capture and she holds her lover by the waist.

In a warehouse, Sophie finds Duela and the two fight, while Batwoman stops Veronica May from falling into a vat of acid. Duela is knocked unconscious and tied up for the authorities. After the battle, Batwoman tells Sophie that Sophie is in love with a symbol and the two can never have a true relationship the way things are; Sophie slowly agrees, but cries when Batwoman rides away.

Sophie checks her phone the next morning and sees that Jacob has left a message. Sophie's mother returns to the loft after getting coffee and Sophie tells her that at Point Rock Academy she was happy when she found love with a woman. Her mother leaves, filled with disappointment.[1]

A couple of nights later, Sophie gets a text from Kate asking if she is awake; Sophie texted back that she was, but Kate did not reveal why she was writing.[20] When Sophie calls Kate the next morning, Kate declines the call.[21]

Investigating Lucius Fox's murder[]

"Consider me back on payroll."
—Sophie Moore to Jacob Kane[src]
Julia on top of Sophie

Sophie is saved by Julia.

Sophie met with Jacob who informed her that he was suspecting that someone in the Crows covered up footage from Sip&Dash on the night Lucius Fox was murdered. Sophie told him she had not changed her opinion on Batwoman, but she agreed to help him. Sophie went to the home of Alia Nazari, the owner of Sip&Dash, to question her only to find her dead. Sophie was then saved by Julia Pennyworth from an unseen sniper. Julia introduced herself as being another of Kate's ex-girlfriends, much to Sophie's surprise while taking her to Mary's clinic to treat a bullet wound that Julia received while protecting Sophie.[21]

New relationship with Julia[]

Sophie tends to Julia's wound

Sophie tends to Julia's wound.

Sophie goes with Julia to her motel room and watches the news that Reggie Harris was killed hours after he was released from prison. Sophie soon learns that Julia is the god-daughter of Lucius and leaves Sophie alone in the room, after assuring her that she will be safe there. She calls Jacob from a disposable phone and tells him that his theories about the Crows might be correct; he suddenly stops talking.[21]

Julia and Sophie in hiding

Sophie watches TV in Julia's room.

More than a week passes, but Sophie still does not know why "Michael Fisher" attempted to kill her or Jacob, so she and Julia eat together, trying to brainstorm and to find answers. Sophie learns that Gotham City Bank was destroyed the night before.

Luke is informed of the results of Sophie and Julia's investigation

Luke is informed of the results of Sophie and Julia's investigation.

After researching, Sophie and Julia meet with Luke Fox and discuss their findings; taking the information that each has garnered, Miguel Robles becomes the lead suspect in their mutual investigations.

Jacob is attached to an explosive vest and rescued by Julia and Sophie

Sophie tries to disarm Jacob's bomb vest.

Sophie and Julia find Jacob wearing a bomb vest and explain who the new Detonator is; they are told by Batwoman that she has Robles and the bomb's counterpart is under Wayne Tower. Sophie is visibly surprised that Julia knows Batwoman well enough to get a personal phone call. Sophie stays with Jacob as the timer ticks and tells Julia to seek safety but neither woman desires to leave the other or Jacob. Sophie watches as Jacob is told to detonate Wayne Tower.

Later, Sophie returns to the Crows on Jacob Kane's demand, and led a new Crows strike team, together with Julia Pennyworth. She seems attracted by her.[22]

Tommy's nude painting

Sophie and Julia find Tommy's painting.

Sophie and Julia go to a warehouse to find Lucius Fox's journal in order to link Tommy Elliot to the murder of Lucius Fox; while there, they laugh at his narcissism as they find a nude painting of him.

The next night, Sophie sends a text to Julia that she plans to collect Tommy from Arkham, but she really wanted to know if they could see each other later, to which Julia replies positively; Sophie grows closer to Julia through eating cheeseburgers and talking about how she came out to her mother. When Sophie and Jacob arrive at the asylum, they find a body, with Tommy's face, hanging in his cell.[23]

Jacob calls a meeting when Tony Kim is kidnapped; Sophie helps in the presentation and discusses how the body of John Carr was left in a dumpster near Kim's abduction site. Later, Sophie brings a gun found in the Somerset District that was owned by Hush to Jacob, but he is more interested in the batarang that was also discovered there.

Julia and Sophie kiss

Sophie and Julia kiss.

When Julia goes radio-silent, Sophie goes to Wayne Tower and asks Kate if she had seen Julia. Kate has a cold reaction to the question, so Sophie tells her that she will keep her relationship with Julia platonic if Kate doesn't approve, but Kate acquiesces and says that she only wants Sophie to be happy. Sophie tells Kate that Julia was last with Luke, causing Kate to realize that Julia and Luke may be together and are both missing. After Julia has escaped from Hush, Sophie is reassured and kisses her. Julia kisses too, at this moment where Kate arrives to speak her.[24]

Julia and Sophie find the Crows headquarters empty

Sophie and Julia find the Crows headquarters empty.

Commander Kane asks Sophie to make an app where if there is a sighting of an Arkham escapee, it can be activated to alert the Crows; since Julia needs some bed rest after her incident with Hush, Julia stays at Sophie's side.

Julia and Sophie arrives at the Gotham City Arena

Sophie watches as Batwoman flees.

When Sophie and Julia arrive at the headquarters that night, they see that the place is almost empty except for a few technicians; they are told that Jacob has almost everyone at Gotham City Arena in order to capture Tim Teslow, with hopes of getting Batwoman too. Sophie tells Julia to call Batwoman to warn her.

Julia open up about Safiyah to Sophie

Sophie learns about a stalker.

Sophie and Julia go to the arena to find Batwoman escaping as the Crows shoot at her. Returning to the headquarters, Sophie questions Jacob about the attack on Batwoman; he has no sympathy for the vigilante that allowed his wife's murderer to escape Arkham. Sophie then blames Julia for not warning Batwoman but Julia deflects the insult.

Switching the subject, Julia shows Sophie pictures where they are together and their activities that day; someone close to Safiyah Sohail has been watching them, letting Julia know that she is a target.[25]

Kate's disappearance[]

Days later, Kate's private jet exploded over Gotham Harbor causing the Crows and GCPD to create a search and rescue party for any survivors. When Jacob arrived, he was told not to participate, but Sophie approached him, handed him a flashlight, and told her boss and friend that they will search for his daughter together.

The next morning, after not finding Kate, Sophie took her frustration out on the vending machine in Crows Headquarters. Julia approached, asking if Sophie was okay; she was not. Sophie's research had learned that a recalled part was inside the engine of the jet and may have caused the explosion, but, since Julia was there, Sophie asked her if she believed that Safiyah Sohail could have been responsible as a way to hurt Julia. Julia could not answer either way.

Sophie discovers that Kate is the Batwoman

Sophie discovers that Kate is Batwoman.

Later, Sophie went to The Hold Up, hoping to find any clues to Kate's whereabouts; overcome with memories, she snuggled and sniffed a shirt of Kate's she found on a chair. Suddenly, she was interrupted by Julia who was there to go into the safe on the premises; Kate instructed Julia that she was to give Sophie a note from the safe if Kate ever disappeared. Kate had written that she was apologetic for every time that she lied to Sophie, the woman she loved, about her secret identity as Batwoman.[26]

Sophie interrogates Luke about his connection to Kate and how long he knew she was Batwoman, but he lies about not knowing Kate's secret identity. She finds Julia in the hallways and ignores her because she hasn't told the Batwoman's identity sooner. Sophie later asked if she knew the identity of the new Batwoman, but Julia denied it. So Sophie went away angry. When Ryan Wilder is arrested on suspicion of robbery, she is taken to a Crows base and is interrogated by Sophie, who does not believe her innocence due to her criminal record. Agent Whelan arrives and reveals that the cameras showed that Ryan tried to stop the robbery. Ryan was released and said she knew why criminals like Alice hadn't been arrested. Sophie thought it was because Alice was the daughter of Jacob, but Ryan was referring to a racial bias.

When infected bats start attacking Gotham during a protest, Sophie and the crows go there to protect the population. Sophie was saved by the new Batwoman from one of the bats and asks who she was, and the heroine pragmatically responds that she is her savior.

Sophie later goes to Mary's secret clinic and discovers that Alice has given her a cure for the infected bats. Reluctantly they agree and Mary goes to Hamilton Dynamics to mass produce the cure. Back at the Crows' base, Sophie and Julia broke up due to their recent disagreements. Sophie suspected Julia of withholding something from her yet again, considering she knew the identity of the last person who wore the Batsuit but never bothered to tell her until it was too late. Julia confirmed she didn't know who the new Batwoman was and revealed that she has discovered a possible location for Alice from their last encounter. Sophie asked her to keep this between them for now since backup would scare Alice off.

Sophie finds Alice in a deserted motor plant and was ambushed by Tatiana, who knocked Sophie unconscious with her sword.[14] Tatiana took Sophie to Coryana along with Alice, where they awoke in handcuffs. Tatiana watched over Sophie as Safiyah Sohail and Alice talked. Sophie refused to promise Tatiana that Alice would have a free pass in Gotham, causing them to fight. Safiyah saved the handcuffed Sophie, impressed with her tenacity. Sophie and Alice were knocked out again and sent back to Gotham. After returning, Sophie went to the Crows headquarters and told Jacob that Kate may be alive.[27]

Alice and Luke in Sophie's apartment

Alice and Luke in Sophie's apartment.

Sophie was in her apartment when suddenly Alice invades and told her that they need to find Ocean for Safiyah to return Kate. When Luke also arrives at Sophie's apartment, Alice threatens him with a gun and forces him to help. Luke helps by calling Julia, who restricts Ocean's residence to four locations. Sophie soon manages to disarm Alice, leaving her alone in the apartment. When Sophie goes to the most likely location, she fights a thief until Alice arrives and scares the thief. Alice further explains that she needs to kill Ocean to gain her sister's freedom before kicking Sophie until she is knocked unconscious.[28]

Alliance with the new Batwoman[]

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After conversing with Evan Blake, Sophie and Jacob learn that the painting was to be auctioned and ask the new Batwoman to assist them in using the painting to find Coryana; reluctantly, Batwoman assists the Crows until they hit Wolf Spider with an SUV and leave him for dead. Later, Sophie brings Batwoman the badges of the fired agents, but Batwoman is not forgiving and wants Sophie to resign from the organization as well.[29]

Afterwards, Sophie arrived underground demanding that Ocean and Alice show her the real Jack Napier painting that contained Coryana's location.[30]

Sophie and the Crows raided Garnick Industries to find Ethan Rogers dead. During this, Jacob discovered that Sophie knew about Mary's secret clinic, making him mad at her.[31]

Sophie and Jacob are kidnapped by Safiyah's organization and taken to Coryana. Eventually, they manage to escape and Sophie finds the new Batwoman, who was injured and nearly dying.[32]

When Kate is declared dead; due to body parts found in Bludhaven, Sophie goes to the funeral along with Kate's family and friends. After the assassination of Commissioner Forbes, the Crows, led by Sophie, make finding the killer a priority; however, video footage of the death was deleted, so Sophie wanted the Crows to learn who altered the tape. Later, Jordan Moore, Sophie's sister, appears in her car and asks for her help, as she witnessed the murder of Commissioner Forbes. The False Face Society appears and attacks them but they are saved by Batwoman.[33]

Discovering that Ryan is Batwoman[]

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Sophie further investigates whether or not Ryan Wilder is really Batwoman, and butts heads with Agent Russell Tavaroff. She then gets into an argument with Jacob about the Crows trying to test and identify a sample of Batwoman's DNA. Sophie erases the information of Ryan from the Crows' database to keep her secret. She turns on the Bat-Signal and meets with Batwoman.[34]

Sophie goes to Ryan and Mary's apartment to have a ladies' night, playing "never have i ever". At the end of the bottle of alcohol, instead of a worm, there is a poisonous caterpillar. They learn that this is their first clue left by Cluemaster for Sophie.[35]

Resigning from Crows Security[]

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When Ryan and Luke were arrested by the GCPD, Sophie tried to free them using her position in the Crows, but the police didn't believe her and arrested her too. They were later released with the help of Imani. Later, Sophie resigned from Crows after realizing the corruption and apathy within was too much for her to fix.[36]

After Kate returns to normal, Sophie and she meet at The Hold Up. Kate tells Sophie that she will be leaving Gotham in search of her cousin, Bruce; sharing a goodbye kiss with her in the process.[37]

Investigating the Batman Trophies[]

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After Kate left Gotham, Sophie has dated several women; such as one named Riley. At Ryan's request, Sophie investigated the circumstances surrounding her biological mother's pregnancy and discovered that she had covered it up.

Later, Sophie went to Mary's graduation, where she told Ryan about it and gave her an envelope containing the woman's real name. Then the new Mad Hatter used his hat and mind controlled Mary to slowly de-organ and kill Dr. Hall. Sophie assists Mary with fixing the brain control on herself, by utilizing a defibrillator to cause heart failure in Dr. Hall and afterward resurrect him.

At the Hold Up, Ryan gave the envelope back to Sophie, stating that she didn't need to know her mother's real name.[38]

Ryan and Sophie find a frozen Jordan

Sophie and Ryan find a frozen Jordan.

Sophie goes to Gotham Expo Hotel, where she met her sister. Jordan said that noticed she and Ryan looked at each other differently, but Sophie denied. Later, Sophie realized that Jordan had disappeared and asked for his help to find her. They found her in her apartment, completely frozen (with the liquid nitrogen that Mr. Freeze used). They then took her to Mary's clinic and Sophie decided to go back to Jordan's apartment with Alice to find something to help with the investigation. Alice found papers that linked liquid nitrogen to Jet Industries, but the Black Glove Society arrived and tried to kill them by burning the apartment, but they were saved by Batwoman. Jordan was then finally thawed at the clinic.[39]

Sophie captured Virgil Getty, the Black Glove member who froze Jordan, to interrogate him. After Sophie tortured him, he revealed that Marla Elliot led the organization, but he killed himself when Sophie became distracted while talking to Batwoman.[40]

Feeling betrayed by Ryan for keeping secrets from her to protect Jada, Sophie hooked up with Renee Montoya after running into her at The Hold Up. The next morning, she woke up naked in Renee's bed, and was greeted by a note written by her fling apologizing for leaving and offering her breakfast from her fridge. She later revealed the hookup that occurred the previous night to Ryan, who responded in a cold manner.[41]

Fight against Poison Ivy[]

Renee reveals her true goal as awakening her girlfriend Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy. After the final fight against Batwoman, Pamela redeems and left Gotham to Coryana to start a new life with Renee. During the conflict, Sophie was kissed Ryan, starting to develop romantic feelings towards her.

A new relationship[]

Two weeks after Sophie and Ryan sharing their first kiss, Sophie; who admitted to Luke that; she had started crushing on Ryan long; before she became Batwoman. Ryan told Sophie that; she falls in love of her too, and the two women have sex.

Erased future[]

In an erased future (in the Reverse Flashpoint timeline); by 2031, Sophie was married to Ryan Wilder and they were planning to adopt.[42]


"If it were any one of you, Agent Moore would not sleep until you were found."
Jacob Kane[src]

Sophie has a strong sense of justice. When Sophie discovered her sexuality, she feared coming out to others because she grew up with a parent who despised LGBT individuals for no clear reason other than their sexuality. During her time at Point Rock Academy, Sophie loved Kate and eventually decided to reveal her sexuality to her fellow cadets, but after a chat with Jacob Kane, Sophie changed her mind and stayed at Point Rock though she regretted ending her relationship with Kate.

Sophie talks to Batwoman on the roof

Sophie talks to Batwoman on the roof.

Sophie struggled to be types of different; one where her family would be proud of and the other who was true to herself. But after ending her marriage to Tyler and being in love with Batwoman, Sophie realized that she could not be two separate individuals and decided to come out to her mother, even though this led to their estrangement.

Sophie is proving to be very sympathetic as she comforted Mary who was grieving over her mother's death. Sophie is also proven to be a friendly individual as she quickly became friends with Julia Pennyworth, another ex-girlfriend of Kate's without displaying any resentment towards her. On the contrary, she started to develop love for her and even dating Julia. But Sophie would admit even she has her reservations and still tentative - unsure with going out publicly on a same-sex relationship.

When Kate disappeared after she left to go to National City, Sophie was devastated, especially; when she read a letter from Kate who confessed to Sophie that she was Batwoman, something that; Sophie was suspicious of from the very beginning. But when realizing that Julia knew about Kate's secret identity and was trusted by the latter more so than her, Sophie was angered and hurt with both her love interests. This caused Sophie to have a hard time trusting anyone, including Julia and even Alice when the latter gave Mary the antidote for the bat toxin and when working with her to search for Ocean.

Despite Sophie coming out as a lesbian to her family, she is no longer very close to her mother; due to her mother having a severe disdain towards LGBT individuals for no clear reason other than their sexuality. But she still maintains a very close relationship with her younger sister, Jordan Moore; the latter; who is far more accepting of Sophie's sexuality.

When Sophie was interrogating Luke Fox; regarding; who Kate's enemies are; who may have sabotaged her private jet, he had stated to Sophie that; "you have never had Kate's back". She was extremely hurt; to the point that; she had ended the interrogation; no matter how cruel that; statement of Luke's is, it is unfortunately a true fact; as Sophie has never had Kate's back, especially; when the latter was expelled from Point Rock Academy; when they broke up.

After hearing that; Kate was alive and held on the island of Coryana, Sophie was determined to find and save her ex-girlfriend; when talking to Ryan Wilder (under the persona of Batwoman) Sophie called Kate the love of her life; proving that; despite their failed relationship and being upset with Kate's secrecy, she still loved Kate deep down after being in denial on whether she had still loved her or not. But she is sometimes; proven to be absent minded; when it comes to her love life, as she couldn't tell that; Batwoman and Kate were one-and-the same, after; making out several times; with the latter as the former, as mockingly noted; by Beth Kane.

Initially, Sophie (blindly) believed in Crows Security and that; they can make a difference in Gotham; completely disregarding the organization's dishonourable and immoral ways, as she stubbornly believes that; they can change their ways and do better in eliminating crime in Gotham.

When Ryan (under the persona of Batwoman) demanded that; Sophie resigns from the organization; due to two of crow agents nearly killing Evan Blake (under the persona of Wolf Spider) in cold blood, Sophie refused as she was still convinced that; the crows could learn from their errors and do better, after which; Ryan coldly states to the latter that; "until you resign from that organization, we will no longer be working together".

But after Russell Tavaroff, a corrupt agent of Crows Security disobeyed Sophie's orders not to kill any individuals; who were turned; into cannibals; by the new version of Snakebite, she resigns from the organization, finally realising that; Ryan, Luke and Jordan respectively were all right about the crows from the very beginning; as they are never going to change their dishonourable and immoral ways, as Sophie has lost complete respect and trust for the very organization that; she once worked for.

Sophie (initially) believed that; all the individuals that; the crows had arrested were criminals and guilty; due to the fact that; she blindly believed that; Ryan Wilder was guilty of the crime she was arrested for, she even thought she was a "ex-con"; who was incarcerated for a crime that; she never committed, but knowing it hurt her, as Sophie gave Ryan (under the persona of Batwoman) reasons not to trust her.


"You were always my best agent, Moore."
Jacob Kane[src]
  • Peak of human physical condition: As a graduate of Point Rock Academy and a former member of Crows Security, Sophie is in top physical condition.[4]
    • Acrobatics/Free-running: Since joining the Crows, Sophie has developed free-running skills and can fall from a height of several feet without hurting herself. Her abilities allow her to dodge and attack with fluidity from different directions without losing balance. She has shown to be capable of jumping off buildings with ease to apprehend a criminal from Alice's Wonderland gang.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Due to receiving training from both Point Rock Academy and Crows Security respectively; Sophie is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist. During practice, she is seen able to fire a coordinated series of punches in rapid succession at Tyler's worn mitts. Sophie also managed to overpower Duela Dent with relative ease. While not on par with an assassin like Tatiana, she was able to overpower Tatiana with the help of Jacob Kane. She was able to overpower Black Mask with the help of Batwoman. When facing off against the Black Glove Society, Sophie was able to knock out the three bodyguards, though was ultimately knocked out by the leader due to being caught off-guard.
    • Skilled knife-wielder: Sophie is capable of fighting with knives, as seen when battling a member of the Wonderland gang. She was also able to take one of Batwoman's Batarangs and throw it into the back of Black Mask.
    • Expert markswoman: Due to receiving training from both Point Rock Academy and Crows Security respectively; Sophie is highly skilled in the use of firearms. She referred to herself as a military marksman before using her sharpshooting skills to rescue Stephanie Brown.
"Operational leadership at its best, Agent Moore. Well done tonight."
Jacob Kane to Sophie Moore[src]
  • Expert tactician/Leader: Sophie is a highly skilled tactician and leader, as she was the second-in-command of the Crows. She was also able to come up with a plan for Batwoman to go and get the original body cam footage in order to prove Luke Fox's innocence. When the power was ultimately taken out by the False Face Society, Sophie was able to quickly discover routes for Ryan to take in order to catch up with a brainwashed Kate Kane. She was also able to keep Ryan awake long enough for Batwing to come and rescue her from being frozen.
  • Expert investigator: Sophie is very intelligent and an excellent investigator; as she follows every lead and rumor to discover the truth. She was able to figure out that Kate was Batwoman, though she was ultimately dissuaded from this when Julia Pennyworth dressed up as Batwoman to fool her. She was also able to figure out Ryan's identity as Batwoman after listening to a recording. After some digging, she was also able to figure out that Jada Jet was really Ryan's mother.
  • Indomitable will/High tolerance for pain: As a determined and driven individual with training from the Crows, Sophie can handle the pain of a bullet wound.


  • Guns: Sophie primarily makes use of a pistol, wielding it quite effectively.
  • Combat knife: Sophie uses a combat knife in her battles.



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Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Sophie Moore was a cadet at West Point, where she held the rank of Brigade S-3 and developed a romantic relationship with her roommate, Kate Kane.