"I alone discovered how to separate soul from body, and those souls have given me more power than any magician of the modern age."
Felix Faust[src]

A soul separating spell was created by Felix Faust to empower himself with souls stolen from the people of New York City.


The spell's incantation is in Latin, the language of the ancient Rome. It puts the affected person to sleep and separates the soul from their body. The spell has a visual representation in form of the black mist of dark magic and can work at long distances. In the case of Fennel, the spell also ended up killing him, which might be a side effect of Felix's pyromancy, or a result of the changed incantation. Faust created a spell that could work on ling distances, putting the targets to sleep, separating soul and conscience from their body and bringing them to him, empowering his magic. Affected would be left in a coma for a few days before finally their bodies would die.[1]


Eripe animam, flere sanguine venire ad me, et ponam te in somnum (casting on Geraldine Chandler)

Et stabit de domino vestro, aliquis. Et stabit de domino vestro. Audite vocem meam (casting on Fennel)


Felix Faust casts the dark spell.

According to John Constantine, the soul separating spell has been considered "the Holy Grail of black magic" since the ancient times. Many immortal have tried and failed to create such a spell, until it was considered impossible to do so. Felix Faust, who was an apprentice to many powerful magicians, has been crafting spells since his days of apprenticeship, but was left overshadowed by his masters. His experience in patient study, however, allowed him to achieve the impossible at the twilight years of his life.[1]

This spell was used by Faust on the people of New York City, affecting unsuspecting children, including Geraldine Chandler, the daughter of Chas Chandler. When John Constantine's team tried to investigate using the services of Fennel, a local medium, the dark mage detected their interference with his stolen souls, possessed Fennel, mocked Constantine before stealing Fennel's soul and burning his body. When confronted about the problem at his hideout, Faust proposed a deal: he would give Geraldine's soul back if the demon Karabasan was banished to Hell. He then refused to release the soul when he found out that Karabasan was killed, rather than banished. He attempted to use the spell on Chas Chandler to take his 31 souls, but was tricked by the enchanted man and blown up with a grenade. After Faust's death, his spells were broken, returning many people from their comas back to life.[1]


Fennel's body burns as Faust steals his soul.

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