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18:08, November 25, 2019Portal-CecileHorton.png (file)23 KBNinja72 (Reverted to version as of 20:47, October 10, 2018 Old image was better.)
18:04, October 27, 2019Aviva, Laurel, and Dinah.png (file)798 KBNinja72 (Reverted to version as of 08:55, September 25, 2019 Shadow Thief is not in the version you uploaded, which makes the file name not fit for the file.)
16:48, May 23, 2019Ray Terrill.png (file)689 KBNinja72 (Reverted to version as of 17:53, May 11, 2019 He is wearing his suit in that version you picked, not a civilian outfit. In a civilian image, he should be wearing a civilian outfit.,)
19:13, May 17, 2019Portal-JohnDiggle1.png (file)18 KBNinja72 (Reverted to version as of 01:14, October 8, 2015 No longer Green Arrow. If only, we, regular users knew that we could have chsnged it ourselves, it probably would have already been changed a long time ago :D)
19:45, April 20, 2019Adam Fells.png (file)2.34 MBNinja72 (Reverted to version as of 19:37, May 23, 2016 Might be best to just use the first one, although there are two people there, it shows his whole body and not just his head. )
09:22, April 17, 2019Savitar attacks Wally West.png (file)1.76 MBNinja72 (Reverted to version as of 07:49, May 4, 2017 Savitar can not be seen clearly on that one.)
09:56, March 14, 2019Orlin Dwyer.png (file)787 KBNinja72 (Reverted to version as of 16:47, December 6, 2018 Not a civilian image. He is wearing the Cicada suit in that one.)
10:39, July 2, 2018Nyssa al Ghul.png (file)768 KBNinja72 (Reverted to version as of 04:48, July 23, 2015 This image shows her masked, while the other does not. If she is not masked, then it is like a civillian image.)
14:57, January 10, 2018Marlize DeVoe in white.png (file)718 KBNinja72 (Bad quality.)
20:53, December 19, 2017The fourth Flash suit on display at S.T.A.R. Labs.png (file)1.8 MBNinja72 (Reverted to version as of 04:27, November 12, 2017)
21:08, December 18, 2017Heat Wave.png (file)1.06 MBNinja72 (Thinking about it maybe the previous image really is better)

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