"Nice outfit. Very Sith."
Ryan Choi on Oliver Queen's new suit after becoming the Spectre[src]

The Spectre suit is a protective suit worn by Oliver Queen after becoming the entity known as the Spectre.


After the multiverse was destroyed by antimatter during the Anti-Monitor Crisis, which included Oliver Queen's body and suit. Oliver who had been training with Jim Corrigan to become the Spectre created a new corporeal body and suit for himself. This new suit resembled his Green Arrow suit but with the added feature of his hood being connected to a green cloak that trails down.

Oliver would wear this suit when he came to rescue the Paragons from the Vanishing Point and when he faced off against Mobius during the Battle at the Dawn of Time. Oliver would die a second time in his resurrected life wearing the suit.[1]



Season 8

The Flash

Season 6

Behind the scenes

  • The comics Spectre suit simply consists of a cloak and pair of briefs, with the Spectre's upper torso being exposed. Oliver's version by contrast covers a lot more of him.
  • Fans and Ryan Choi have noted similarities between this suit and the Sith Lords from the Star Wars franchise.
  • A deleted scene featured the suit's creation, with it going on top of the Hood Suit that Oliver wore in Purgatory.


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