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The Speed Force bazooka or interdimensional quantum splicer, coined by H.R. Wells and Savitar respectively, was a custom weapon developed by Tracy Brand. Its purpose was to be used to trap the speedster Savitar in the Speed Force.


The Speed Force bazooka fails to work on Savitar.

Barry Allen knew from traveling to the future that Tracy Brand would build the trap that would trap Savitar in the Speed Force in four years. However, in order to save Iris West, he appealed to Tracy to build the trap in the present. Tracy was able to develop it but in order for it to work, it needed a power source of 3.86 terajoules.[1] They found a suitable power source in a piece of Dominator tech and fitted it into the bazooka. Barry then used it on Savitar but he revealed that he was able to render it useless with the Philosopher's Stone.[2]

After Iris's supposed death, Savitar stole the device and kidnapped Cisco in order to have him re-purpose the Speed Force Bazooka into an inter-dimensional quantum splicer (Speed Force Splicer) that when used on Savitar after he opens a time portal to expose the speed force, would fragment himself across all of time and space, making Savitar exist in every moment. The bazooka, supposedly changed into a Speed Force Splicer, was initially working as Savitar intended it to, but Cisco instead altered it by changing the polarity of the climbing arc to instead become a speed force skeleton key that would free Jay Garrick.[3]

After Barry willingly went into the Speed Force prison, Cisco, with help from Felicity Smoak, Curtis Holt, Tina McGee, Harry Wells and Tracy, modified the bazooka to free him. Six months later, he successfully freed Barry by putting a Quark Sphere in his place to fool the Speed Force into thinking he was still there, thereby preventing a Speed Force storm, while also getting him out.[4]

After Cisco and Ralph were shrunk by Sylbert Rundine's meta-human powers, Harry modified the bazooka into an "embiggening bazooka" and tried to use it to get Ralph and Cisco back to their proper size, although this attempt was unsuccessful.[5]

Alternate future

In the original Post-Flashpoint timeline, Tracy developed the trap in 2020/2021. In this timeline, Barry used it to successfully trap Savitar in the Speed Force.[2]



  • Speed Force manipulation: The device can manipulate inter-dimensional energies of the speed force.
    • Perpetual speedster entrapment: The intended purpose of the Speed Force Bazooka is to harness the power of the Speed Force to trap a speedster in the Speed Force forever. Tracy Brand drew inspiration for how to do this from H.R's encouragement and by studying a piece of Savitar's suit.
    • Inter-dimensional splicing: With some modifications, the Device can be turned into an Inter-dimensional Quantum Splicer that would fragment the target of the device. If used on a speedster in proximity to a time portal that exposes the Speed Force to be tampered with, it would duplicate and scatter a speedster across all of time and have that speedster and everything in the universe connected through that speedster's consciousness, making that speedster effectively omnipresent in every moment in time and essentially a god. Once a speedster is fragmented across every moment in time from the start and beginning of the universe, not even a paradox threatening to erase that speedster will catch up to them. Savitar abducted Cisco and intended him to make this modification.
    • Perpetually entrapped speedster liberation: By making more modifications to the Speed Force bazooka from a Speed Force Splicer to that of a Speed Force Skeleton Key, the device can be used to free a speedster from a prison inside the speed force. This modification is made starting from the Speed Force Splicer by 'changing the Polarity of Climbing Arc'. While used, the device would initially start to fragment a speedster across all of time, but then free any speedster trapped in a perpetual speed force prison.


  • Excessive energy requirement: Since the Speed Force Bazooka was designed to trap a speedster in a speed force prison, it requires a power source that is capable of supplying enough energy to manipulate inter-dimensional forces. The energy needed would be much greater than the output of the Sun and beyond the capability of any human technology found on Earth. Fortunately, alien technology salvaged from the invasion by the Dominators was sufficient in powering the device.
  • Speed Force storms: If used to free a speedster from the prison it was designed to create, it would not undo the prison itself and the speed force prison will still actually be intact albeit without a prisoner. Without a prisoner in the Speed Force Prison, an imbalance to the Speed Force will be created and violent energy from the Speed Force will leak out and threaten to destroy the planet.[3] However, Cisco was able to find a way around this by using a Quark Sphere to trick the Speed Force into releasing Barry without causing a Speed Force storm.[4]
  • Philosopher's Stone: If, when the bazooka is used on a speedster while they're in contact with the Philosopher's Stone, the Speed Force Bazooka will be rendered useless, due to the Philosopher's Stone being made of calcified Speed Force energy.[6]

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