"But to ensure this word is bound and is seen by all – a simple incantation, a spell of permanence upon this parchment. Farewell my friends! Forget not our times together!"
"…Um. Cisco here. I’m really sorry everyone. Seems a rejected member of the Council of Wells got loose on our Earth and hijacked my blog. Clearly, I need a better password. He seems to have encrypted everything with a complex virus – definitely NOT a spell – so I can’t delete what he wrote."
Wells the Grey and Cisco Ramon[src]

A spell of permanence was used by Wells the Grey to allow his text, written in Cisco Ramon's blog to stay there permanently. To Wells, the text appeared as magic, but to Cisco, it was a complex virus that encrypted the text. The true nature of this action is thus unclear.


The spell's incantation is in English, though the written part may actually be a figure of speech from Wells the Grey, rather than a real incantation. The spell is supposed to make anything written on a parchment permanent, but in the case of computers, it encrypts the text with a complex virus.[1]


But to ensure this word is bond and is seen by all – a simple incantation, a spell of permanence upon this parchment. (casting)


After Wells the Grey was disconnected from the meeting of the Council of Wells, denying his entry, he devised a way to travel to Earth-1 and leave a message of his on the blog belonging to the "hairless Cisco", that being, Cisco Ramon. Ensuring that Cisco wouldn't be able to delete his message, Wells the Grey encrypted it with the spell of permanence, which Cisco identified as a complex computer virus.[1]


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  • Wells the Grey's magic appearing as a computer virus is similar to Ramsey Deacon's meta-human powers appearing as a computer virus.

Behind the scenes

  • Whether the "spell" is truly magical or technological in nature is up to debate.


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