Spencer Young's phone was a device used by Spencer Young for her blog, and later as a weapon when it was transformed into meta-tech during the Enlightenment.


When Clifford DeVoe's attempt to bring about the Enlightenment were thwarted by Team Flash, this triggered a dead man's switch, causing the S.T.A.R. Labs satellite to plummet from space into Central City. During this crisis, Spencer Young was using her cell phone to record a vlog of the event, presumably to post on Spyn Zone. After the Flash and XS destroyed the satellite, a piece of dark matter-laced shrapnel embedded itself in the phone, transforming the device into meta-tech with the power to hypnotize people through written posts.

Afterwards, Spencer began "creating" news with her phone by hypnotizing people into causing disasters for XS to diffuse in hopes of becoming famous. When The Flash apprehended her, he confiscated the phone while Spencer was remanded to Iron Heights Prison.[1]

Nora later broke into the Starchives and stole the phone. She then had Peter Merkel kidnap Cisco (even though she'd only wanted Cisco, both he and Sherloque were brought to her since they'd been together, and Nora had said "no killing"). She then tried to get Cisco to hack into the phone, which had a link to Spencer Young's DNA so that only she could use it. Cisco initially refused, but Nora then threatened to kill him with a vibrating hand through the chest, prompting him to cooperate. Cisco's hack allowed Brie Larvan to use the phone to control her robotic bees, as well as project its hypnotism through it.[2]


  • Written hypnotism: The phone could hypnotize people into performing various acts through written posts about them when they are read by the desired target.
  • Technopathy: The phone could make its posts appear on every nearby digital surface.


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