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Spheerical Industries was a technological company located in National City. It was owned and run by Jack Spheer until his death, after which the company was acquired by L-Corp.


In 2012, Jack Spheer and Lena Luthor began a startup of Spheerical Industries in Metropolis working together on Biomax, nanobots that could repair human cells and cure cancer. The nanobots were first tested on lab rats, where it was revealed the technology could invade the subjects' minds. Five years later as the company expanded, Lena left Jack for Luthor Corp, but he continued to work on the nanotechnology.

In 2017, Jack tested the Biomax nanobots on himself, but his body merged with the nanotechnology, which took over his mind. When Spheerical Industries' CFO Beth Breen learned of this and Jack's desire to shut down Biomax, she used a neurotransmitter to control the nanobots in Jack, turning him into a figurehead to market the nanotechnology; she had invested a lot of money in the Biomax project and knew scrapping it would be a huge financial loss for the company. To keep the true nature of Biomax secret, Beth arranged for faked human test trials. When lab technician Joe Watkins discovered the truth, he was fired.

Determining that the nanobots were allegedly ready for medical application, Jack held a presentation in National City in spring 2017 demonstrating the use of Biomax on a self-inflicted wound, assuring that it would adhere to FDR regulations.

Snapper Carr and Kara Danvers soon discovered the falsified human test trials. Afterwards, Kara and Mon-El broke into the CEO's office of Spheerical Industries, where they discovered a video of Jack testing the experimental Biomax nanites on himself. Once Lena confronted Jack at a Spheerical Industries lab and learned Beth was using him, Supergirl battled the offensive nanites while the former overrode the Biomax nanobots. Jack was subsequently killed while Beth was sent to jail.[1]

Sometime after Beth's incarceration, Lena acquired Spheerical Industries and converted it into L-Corp's nano-tech division.

In October 2018, Lena and Brainiac 5 used nanites from Spheerical Industries to purify Earth's atmosphere of Kryptonite.[2]

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  • In the DC comics, Jack Spheer's company is called Biospheer Technologies.