Spike is an extraterrestrial dragon and the pet of Alana.


Spike was scared and ran away from his owners' house. After causing fear across the National City in his dragon form, Kara manages to convince him to return to the form of a lizard and return to his owners.[1]

A man is standing outside CatCo Worldwide Media holding a sign that reads; "Prepare to Meet Thy Doom. The End of The World is Nigh" and is telling everyone that Supergirl herself cannot save them. He is immediately confronted by Spike in his dragon form breathing fire. The fire is directed towards him and he is saved by Supergirl. She tells him to get to cover, before adding that she could save him. Supergirl faces Spike, cautioning him to calm down. She promises Spike that his owner Alana is waiting for him and there is nothing to be scared of. Eventually, he shrinks down, he reverts to his much smaller size, taking on the form of a small lizard. Supergirl picks him up and brings him back to the D.E.O. She hands he off to an agent upon arrival.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Dragon physiology: As a dragon, Spike has gained certain magical powers.[1]
    • Fire breathing: Spike is attributed to have a power of breathing fire, which he used to battle Supergirl.[1]
    • Shape-shifting: Spike is shown to be able to change between his true form and that of a monitor lizard.[1]


  • Animal strength: Spike possess a great strength, proportional to that of an animal of his size.[1]
  • Self-propelled flight: Spike' unique physiology allows him to fly.[1]



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