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"I would rather she was raised by strangers, event if I can't see her again!"
—Stacy about Lily to Philip Moses[src]

Stacey Anne Doubek is the mother of Lily Doubek.


Early life

At some point, she felt in love with Philip Moses and had a child with him in Chicago. At some point, she found out about Philip's criminal activity and decided to run away with Lily.[1]

Tracked by Philip

In 1990, she was on the street and after an incident where she dropped her suitcases, she met Barry Allen who tried to help her, but she refused. Later, she was found by Roy and during her escape, she was assaulted by Bodey Nuff but the Flash saved her from the assault. When she ran away again, she encountered Barry Allen again who revealed himself to her as a cop that could help her and her baby. At Barry's apartment, she noticed that Barry handled well due to him helping his late brother's kid. They would later go to Nora Allen house where she could spend the night. During the night, she noticed that Philip had found her since he knew about her location. She escaped and went to Barry's place to drop Lily off before running away, and she got caught in an alley. At Philip's mansion, he asked her question Lily's wherabouts, but she refused as she would prefer that Lily was raised by strangers rather than him. Some time later, she escaped the mansion and went to Barry's apartment. At the apartment, she met Tina McGee, but they are interrupted by Philip who knocked out Tina and took Lily. While crying over the loss of Lily, Barry entered the room with Lily stating that the Flash brought her back, and he asked explication about how all this happened in the first place. At the precinct, after a talk with Lt. Garfield, she accepted to used herself as a bait to arrest Philip. When the bait turned out to be a diversion, she realized that Lily was kidnapped at the precinct. After the Flash arrested Philip and Bodey, she ran around searching for Lily and found her inside the car. Days later, she was at the Allen's house and thanked Barry for his help since none of that would have happened without him.[1]


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