The Staff of Horus is a mystical Egyptian relic that was entombed in a church in Central City.


4000 years ago, the staff belonged to Vandal Savage who, at the time, was an ancient Egyptian priest known as Hath-set.

Realizing he was outmatched, Savage returned to Central City to find the Staff of Horus. He finds the staff before the Flash and Green Arrow arrive to stop him. Utilizing the staff, he was able to keep both heroes at bay. Acknowledging them as worthy opponents, Savage was about to utilize the staff's full power when he sensed Kendra awakening her past lives. Regaining his bearings, he used the staff to destroy the church, though both his foes managed to escape.[1]

Ra's al Ghul organised a meeting with him along with Green Arrow and The Flash, in which he expressed his wish to have Carter Hall and Kendra Saunders or he would destroy both Star City and Central City. They eventually agreed to hand them over, not knowing that they plan to use the exchange as a means to defeat him.

During the exchange, Green Arrow suddenly turned on him and attacked. Savage incapicated Green Arrow and killed Khufu with his knives. He then killed Chay-Ara who was unable to use her wings. Barry tried to use his staff against him but Savage used his magic and used the staff to kill Green Arrow and incinerate the city with everyone in it. However, Barry escaped and used time travel to go back a day and come up with a better plan.

Having the exchange again, they had learned from the alternate future failure. They handed him Khufu and Chay-Ara However, before he could kill them, Green Arrow shot their bounds. During the fight, Team Arrow managed to stall Vandal long enough for the Flash to take his staff. The Flash and Green Arrow used a glove of Nth metal to channel the power of the Staff of Horus, in turn defeating him and turning him to dust, which also cause the Staff to disappear.


  • Energy projection: This staff can produce extremely powerful energy, strong enough to engulf a whole city in a destructive wave of energy.


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