"Something about that staff is giving me bad vibes."
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The Staff of the Shadow World is a weapon used by Rama Khan.


Rama Khan uses the Staff to deflect heat vision.

Rama Khan used the power of the staff to enhance his earth-bending ability to try to cause a natural disaster, but let himself be stopped by the Superfriends. After this, the staff was taken into custody by the D.E.O. so it could scan the building for Kryptonite. Rama Khan then used the staff to fight the Superfriends and destroy the D.E.O. National City headquarters.[1]

Rama Khan wielded the staff while battling Martian Manhunter and Dreamer, who lured him out by disguising J'onn as Supergirl. Tezumak quickly joined in on this fight and incapacitated J'onn. Later that day, he was still wielding the staff when Rama Khan himself, Tezumak and Sela ambushed Supergirl as well as when J'onn lured them out during Obsidian North's Worldwide Unity Festival.[2]

Together with Rama Khan, the staff was bottled by Brainiac 5.[2]

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