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"This was taken the night that Stagg went missing. The last person to leave Stagg Industries the night that Stagg disappeared was Harrison Wells."
Mason Bridge[src]

Stagg Industries is a technology company located in Central City. It was owned and run by Simon Stagg; until his death. 


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Stagg Industries was CNRI's largest donor until the company cut them off, apparently due to economical reasons.[1]

Erased future

In 2049, Godspeed planned to steal some dioxygen difluoride from Stagg Industries to stabilize the Velocity 9 drug. CSIs Nora West-Allen and Lia Nelson broke into the company first and tried to destroy the compound to thwart the speedster's plan. However, Godspeed attacked the duo, overpowering Nora and killing Lia, before escaping Stagg Industries with the dioxygen difluoride.[2]

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