Stan Kovacs is a criminal and the lover of Celia Wayne. He orchestrated an attack in order to steal the Mask of Rasputin.[1]


Early life

At some point, he became a known criminal after working Kate Tatting and Parry Johnson. At some point, he met and fell in love with Celia Wayne. At some point, he started a plan that involve stealing the Mask of Rasputin.[1]

Stealing the mask

In 1990, he and a crew he has assembled, went to Central City but a police control intercepted them, and they had no other choice than to kill them. The next day, he would try to rob some material from S.T.A.R. Labs but due to the Flash interference, they tried to run away by car. Stan managed to escape but they lost Franco Mortelli. Later, while debriefing with the rest of the gang, he figured out that the Flash must be working with the law since an Intel told him that an officer called back up 30 seconds after Mortelli death. Stan was mad about Mark Bernhardt that wanted to quit once that he learned of the Flash existence. Later, Stan sat up a trap for the Flash by placing a bomb on Bernhardt corpse in order to kill the Flash. Once the flash was inside the billiard club, Stan blew it up believing that he had killed the Flash. Later, Celia who got out of the shower, took off her towel and had sex with him. Some time later, Celia would inform him that a cop as identified him and that the mask in the museum is about to move. Stan had a plan that consist of sending each member of the gang across the city and commit crimes to distract the cops. Later, disguised as a police officer, they manage to knock out all cops and steal the mask with Celia, but they are interrupted by the Flash. After a brief fight, Stan was stopped by the Flash and later arrested.[1]


The Flash


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