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"Don't worry. I'm a cop."
—Stan Washington to Mrs. Reston[src]

Officer Stan Washington is the husband of Jana Washington and a police officer of the Starling City Police Department.


In November 2012, Stan was visiting Starling Trust Bank, off-duty, when the Royal Flush Gang arrived to rob it. While being held hostage during the robbery, Stan tried to reach for his gun and assured a fellow hostage he would protect them. However, Ace shot Stan several times in the back, critically wounding him. After the gang left, Stan was rushed to County General, where he fell into a coma.

Stan was later transferred to Starling General Hospital and Oliver Queen paid for his medical costs, with a "nudge" from John Diggle. Stan was soon reported to be on the way to a full recovery.[1]



Season 1[]


  • Stan is a third generation police officer.[2]