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"I know that you think that I'm a monster. But half of England said the same thing about Winston Churchill before World War II. So, I guess we'll just wait and see. History will prove me right."
Ben Lockwood to Alex Danvers

"Stand and Deliver" is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of Supergirl, and the seventy-ninth episode overall. It aired on March 10, 2019.




Guest starring[]



Things open with The Elite sharing any useful info as they head out on a "mission" of sorts, however Menagerie gets occupied by a sharp looking lady she chooses to follow. It ends up being a snare with J'onn, Supergirl, and Dreamer getting Menagerie and requesting to know where the remainder of The Elite are. Somewhere else, Ben Lockwood gives a discourse now that he's the Director of Alien Affairs with Hat, his Morae, and Manchester appearing at shoot things up. Supergirl makes all the difference. At CatCo, James attempts to discover increasingly about L Corp's dark financial plan from Eve.

At the DEO, Haley attempts to compel Lena to pick up the pace procedure on the super serum while Supergirl drops Menagerie off for them to deal with. It's something that Haley notes gives Alex a bit of breathing room, which is acceptable in light of the fact that she's been allocated to Lockwood's security detail. At J'onn's office, he admits to Supergirl that Manchester is causing him to feel like he could lose control, something that makes him awkward.

Lockwood reports his arrangements to rescind the outsider absolution act, however not simply that. He plans to then oust all outsiders living on Earth and requires an assembly. That prompts the outsiders sorting out a counter dissent. Visionary leads Supergirl and J'onn to the gallery The Elite had shot Lockwood's first endeavor at a discourse while Manchester and Hat break into the Fortress of Solitude looking for an approach to bring down Supergirl.

Alex goes to see Kara, whining about her task with Lockwood. Kara advises her that her main responsibility is to keep individuals sheltered and securing Lockwood does that. In the mean time, Manchester and Hat have a conflict with Hat viably being kicked out of The Elite. Cap figures out how to take something from the Fortress before he goes. Visionary alarms J'onn and Supergirl of the interruption. Manchester figures out how to escape past a puzzling entryway. Behind that entryway? A sun that basically capacities as a living bomb. Tear Manchester Black.

It's the day of Lockwood's convention and the outsider walk in fight. James gives one of his staff a motivational speech about the gallant idea of good news coverage and chooses to cover the occasion as a picture taker. Supergirl goes up against a heckler who discloses to her that dislike the remainder of the outsiders since she's a superhuman. It prompts Supergirl to change into her Kryptonian robe and join the tranquil dissent as Kara Zor-El, resident of Earth. Lockwood endeavors to instigate savagery. Alex expels him from the stage.

Shock! Manchester isn't dead. Cap spared him. They appear at the meeting and start stuff. Brainy and Supergirl take out Hat. In the bedlam, people contact begin helping outsiders while James catches it in photographs - including the heckler who has now had a difference in heart.

The fights seem to have positively affected the strains and results in Lockwood's arrangements to annul the outsider amnest act to be eased back down. Haley relax on Lena, yet Lena appears to be profoundly concerned and keeping in mind that it's presumable detached, there's valid justification for that. As he's leaving CatCo, somebody shoots James and his destiny is left obscure.

Brainy is liable for having sorted out the serene outsider dissent.

J'onn goes full Manhunter to discover Manchester.

Alex is beginning to trust Supergirl once more.




  • When Manchester, Hat, and Mo arrive at the Fortress of Solitude, Manchester mentions Hat's friend "Mxy". This is a reference to Mxyzptlk, who also appeared in the Fortress in the Season 2 episode "Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk".
  • Brainy's online user name is "American Alien", which clearly refers to the Season 4 premiere, "American Alien".
    • It also could refer to the seven-issue comic by Max Landis called Superman: American Alien.
  • The attack on the rally featured the Gary Jules cover of Tears for Fears' "Mad World" that first appeared in the film Donnie Darko before it became known for its usage in several films, commercials and TV shows including the Smallville episode "Visage".
  • Manchester Black says "Say cheers to my little friend", before attacking Lockwood's address to the press, a British version of "Say hello to my little friend" as said by Al Pacino in Scarface.


  • The Alien Amnesty Act is stated to be an Act of Congress that the president signed into law, but was previously established to be an executive order enacted by President Olivia Marsdin.[1]
  • Kelex should have reacted to unauthorized people in the Fortress of Solitude as soon as The Elite showed up.
  • In an obvious attempt to avoid interfering with the subplot regarding the loss of Brainy's Legion Flight Ring, the production team appears to have removed the Flight Ring that had been prominently displayed in the Fortress, with no explanation for its disappearance. If it were still there, Brainy could have made use of it.
    • One possibility is that Superman could have taken it for his trip to Argo City with Lois Lane.
  • Alex should have deduced that Kara is Supergirl based on the handwriting of the note.
    • It is possible that she wrote the note in a different handwriting.