"I don't... I don't know what people say."
"That I'm a killer, that I'm a monster, that everything I did, everything I did... That whole Dunbar thing. It was just like the Dunbar thing. I didn't have a choice! I didn't have a choice! And all those people had it coming."
Oliver Queen and Stanley Dover about Stanley's crimes[src]

Stanley Dover is a serial killer and a former inmate (Inmate 9922) of Slabside Maximum Security Prison who was incarcerated after committing murder.


Early life

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Imprisonment and escape

Stanley recognized Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow and attempted to gain his services for protection, but Oliver refused and told Stanley to leave him alone. The next day, following a fight where Oliver planted a shiv on Ben Turner, Stanley sat with Oliver at lunch, when Danny Brickwell and Derek Sampson showed up, still pushing for Oliver to join their three-man operation as a replacement for Turner. The two men beat up Stanley when Oliver continued to reject their offer, leaving Stanley at their mercy. Oliver soon apologized to Stanley as he was on the guard's radar and could not afford to have another strike to his name. Stanley, angered Oliver abandoned him, reminded Oliver that he also had a family and insulted him for being a coward. Stanley later watched in the prison yard as Oliver beat up Brick and one of Ricardo Diaz's goons, the "Grim Reaper", seeming to have taken Stanley's words into account.[1] Stanley then started following Oliver everywhere and became his sidekick.

Later after Oliver returned from Level Two, Stanley murdered B. Dunbar, a guard, and framed Ben Turner by planting his shiv and letting Oliver find it. However, he was exposed by Oliver who refused to help him after he is freed. He then witnessed Oliver break out, and escaped from his cell when Ricardo Diaz released everyone. He then drugged and trapped Oliver to talk, but was beaten and knocked out by him easily. Knowing that the morgue is the only way out, Stanley went there, running into Danny Brickwell. He killed Brick for picking on him, then escaped from prison.


Stanley is someone with survival as a priority, relying on Oliver Queen as his one chance to stay alive in prison. He is also afraid of powerful criminals like Ricardo Diaz. He even lied to Oliver that he was wrongfully accused of murder, but he actually is a serial killer. However, he doesn’t like being picked on, killing Danny Brickwell out of revenge for his past treatment of him.

Despite using him for his own ends, Stanley is still a big fan of Oliver, often admiring his past actions as the Green Arrow, even saying his iconic quotes like "You have failed this city" and giving him nicknames like "G.A.".

However, Stanley's admiration was revealed to be more of an outright obsession with Oliver's past tactics of killing others as the Hood.



Season 7

Behind the scenes

  • In the main DC Comics continuity, Stanley Dover is an amateur occultist who hunted and murdered young children, murdering them to use their blood as a means to attract a demonic entity, coming to be known as the Star City Slayer. He crossed paths with Oliver Queen, whose body he had hoped to take over in order to further his cause.


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