"Mr. Constantine. Stanley Gibson with the British consulate."
"Yeah, skip the formalities, mate. Just get me the hell out of here, yeah?"
—Stanley Gibson and John Constantine.[src]

Stanley Gibson (died 2014) was an employee of the British consulate in Mexico City, before encountering John Constantine and the Brujeria.


At some point Gibson has become an employee of the British consulate in Mexico City.

One day in 2014 Gibson had an arrangement with Vicente, according to which he visited a prison in Mexico City to talk with a United Kingdom citizen John Constantine who, at the time, was possessed by demon Pazuzu. As a result, the conversation went nervously, leaving Gibson with the impression that Constantine has no respect for the Crown, which made it easier for him to make it so Constantine won't leave the prison easily, as Vicente wanted.

Nahash (as Stanley Gibson)

Nahash infiltrating the prison as Stanley Gibson.

During the meeting with Vicente later in the evening, Gibson was obviously shaken by the encounter. Receiving a bribe from Vicente for retrieving John Constantine's case files and giving the latter a hard time in prison, Gibson noticed that Vicente was giving him a weird look. Asking what his benefactor was doing, Stanley received a smug answer that he was "measured". Vicente, also known as the demon Nahash then proceeded to swallow Gibson fully and shape shifted into him to infiltrate the prison and assassinate John Constantine.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Diplomacy: As an employee of the British consulate, Stanley Gibson was proficient in diplomacy and international relations.[1]
  • Multilingual: While it was not explicitly shown (although implied by the fact that Gibson has a detailed outlook at John Constantine's case), given that Gibson worked for a British consulate it is mandatory for the workers of such to be proficient in at least one foreign language.[1]
  • Network: As an employee of the British consulate, Gibson was capable of bribing the Mexican prison as well as having several other ties to it.[1]


  • It is implied that Nahash used his temptation powers to bribe Stanley Gibson, but it was never stated directly.



Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • The fact that serpent-natured Nahash steals the identity of Stanley Gibson might be a reference to Stanley Macklin also known as Serpentine, a snake-like enemy of Firebrand.


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