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"When Oliver rebooted the universe, he fixed things. Ever since the Crisis, crime in Star City disappeared overnight literally. Dig, he... he saved this city."
Rene Ramirez to John Diggle[src]

Star City, formerly known as Starling City,[1] is a city in Washington, United States. Despite being a thriving metropolis, Star City was rife with poverty, crime, and corruption. However, following the Anti-Monitor Crisis, during which Oliver Queen made the ultimate sacrifice and rebooted the universe, crime in Star City disappeared overnight.






  • Starling City Beach: A beach with residences located beside it in Star City in the year 2000.[4]
  • Green Arrow Memorial Statue: A statue dedicated to Oliver Queen in 2020; to honor his sacrifice to save not only Star City, but the world. at the base of the statue is the epitaph Oliver Queen: he saved this city, a callback to his infamous line to criminals.


Harrison Wells and Tess Morgan live here in the year 2000. Barry Allen of 2020 Time travels here to get Harrison to help him destroy the Forces of Nature with destroying the Speed Force.[4]

During Anti-Monitor Crisis, after Oliver Queen died while battling the Anti-Monitor and reformed the universe, this city was formed on Earth-Prime, which contained most elements of Star City of Earth-1;[5] however, there are various differences between the two cities. The city in the post-Crisis era was devoid of any criminal activity after the Battle on Earth-Prime, save for William Clayton's kidnapping by John Byrne. The local team of vigilantes disbanded after Oliver Queen's funeral because of this fact. [1]

Before the battle, Sargon the Sorcerer attempted to rob a bank but was quickly thwarted.[5]

A.R.G.U.S. headquarters is located here and housed Grodd[6] and holds Ramsey Rosso.[7]

In 2021, while visiting Gotham City, John Diggle said that he was from Star City,[8] though he and his family had moved from there a year earlier.[1]

Possible future

"There hasn't been any crime in Star City in 20 years."
"What is that, like the city's motto now?"
Mia Queen and Laurel Lance on the state of the city in 2040[src]

In a possible future, there hasn't been crime in Star City in 20 years. Laurel Lance and Dinah Drake appear here from 2020 in order to keep the city falling into chaos after Bianca Bertinelli is abducted; they met the adult children of their past allies.[2]

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