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"Okay, my point is that the same applies to us superhero kids. And we have to learn to share our parents and be a little selfless."
Connor Hawke

"Star City 2040" is the sixteenth episode of the seventh season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-fifty-fourth episode overall. It aired on March 18, 2019.



Felicity brings forth Mia in the lodge as seen toward the finish of the last scene and montage is seen of her developing. As she ages, Mia is prepared close by to-hand battle by Nyssa Al Ghul. At some point later, Mia is playing at home and inadvertently reveals a mystery room in their home with Felicity's hello there tech PCs and documents about Rene and organization. Mia questions her mom about the new disclosure and Felicity uncovers she's been chipping away at uncovering a degenerate organization in the knolls.

Enraged that her mom has returned to her vigilantism, Mia storms off. Soon thereafter, Felicity discovers Mia's note which says she's fled to Star City. Time skirts ahead a piece to Mia and William taking a shot at sneaking into the Glades. They track down Felicity's last known area to the central command of Galaxy One and once there, they about get busted — aside from they're spared by Connor Hawke, who's covert.

William and Mia figure out how to get a gathering with the Galaxy One CEO. While William talks, Mia's ready to sneak around his office and get a DNA test they can recreate to use to get to zones around the structure secured. They battle a gathering of watchmen in a highly confidential holding cell and after they get in, they discover that Felicity is, actually, still alive.

Felicity is disturbed that they showed up, uncovering that the directions on the tape weren't intended to lead towards her, but a store of bombs in the Galaxy One structure. Felicity and Wiliam leave to have a go at finding the bombs and they get together with Dinah, Roy, and Zoe. The gathering figures out how to get to the holding room of the bombs, just to think that its vacant. Rene strolls in and tells the gathering that they're correct and the organization plans on shelling Star City later in the night.

The gathering dives upon the Star City firecrackers celebration and after an underlying battle, they're ready to find and consequently deactivate the bombs.


Main cast[]

Guest starring[]



  • Unknown as baby Mia Smoak
  • Jade Bamford as child Mia Smoak
  • Carly Akin as teenage Mia Smoak


  • The majority of this episode takes place in 2040, with the exception of bookend scenes which take place in 2019, and a brief sequence of Mia as a young child and teenager.
  • This episode marks Oliver Queen's shortest screen time in Arrow​​​​​'s history (before "Green Arrow & The Canaries", where he only appeared in Mia's vision), being only 20 seconds long, surpassing episodes such as "The Dragon" and "Left Behind".
    • This is also the first episode of the show where Oliver doesn't appear in the present day (and the only one before "Green Arrow & The Canaries"), as his appearance in the episode was in fact a flashforward.
  • The title is similar to the DC's Legends of Tomorrow​​​​​ episode "Star City 2046"​, which also takes place in the future but set in Earth-16.
  • This episode is dedicated to Arrow​​ crew member Jack Wright who passed on February 2, 2019.[1]
  • Talking about local acquaintance Seth, Felicity compares him to the Cowardly Lion from L. Frank Baum's Oz stories, but Mia suggests he is more like the Scarecrow - brainless.
  • When she finds her mother's secret room, Mia uses the expletive "frak" from the Battlestar Galactica franchise, much like her mother.
  • Eden Corps is revealed to be the organization behind the future bombing of Star City in this episode, with references to their previous attempts to nuke cities, such as Central City in The Flash​​​​​ episode "Enter Flashtime"​.
  • Connor attempts to get through to Mia with the phrase "with great power comes great responsibility", mentioning how he's referencing the Marvel superhero Spider-Man.
  • Mia going after a CEO during a party echoes her father Oliver going after Adam Hunt in "Pilot".
  • Stephen Amell was dealing with a stomach flu that got really bad; he went outside to throw up after shooting the cold open.[2]
  • James Bamford's daughter, Jade, makes an uncredited cameo as young Mia.[3]
  • The lodge that Felicity and Mia live is located in Hopeport according to "Crisis on Infinite Earths Giant 1".
  • This is the first flashforwards episode in which features the villain of the episode outside of the present-day storyline, Keven Dale, who is also the main antagonist of the flashforwards storyline set in the future in Season 7. In contrast, the previous seasons featured the episodes primarily focused on the flashbacks in the past, featuring the villains of the episode who are also the main antagonists of season flashback storylines: Edward Fyers (Season 1 and "The Odyssey"), Anthony Ivo (Season 2 and "The Promise"), and Konstantin Kovar (Season 5 and "Kapiushon").


  • During her fight with security, Mia starts the scene with only one shoe on but after jumping from the top of the guy she has them both on.