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For the location in this time, see Star City (Earth-16). For other uses of "Star City", see Star City (disambiguation). For the Arrow episode, see "Star City 2040".
"Well, someone has to, because last time that I checked, you were dead. Everyone thought you were dead. I've been trying to hold this city by myself because I thought you were gone."
Connor Hawke to Oliver Queen

"Star City 2046" is the sixth episode of the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the sixth episode overall. It aired on February 25, 2016.



After accident arriving in Star City in 2046, the group experience a wild Green Arrow...that's not Oliver Queen! In the wake of taking part in a short fire battle with the new Green Arrow, the group withdraws back to the Waverider. Tear guarantees everybody that this future isn't unchangeable and that they have to fix the boat to ensure the future happens.

Jax reviews the harm to the ship, however Rip brings up that the navigational framework is singed. Without it, Gideon can't capacity and guide the boat out of things to come. Beam calls attention to that Palmer Tech had built up a model for the harmed transport piece and recommends that they go to what is presently known as Smoak Tech to acquire the equipment they need. Rip says that Ray can't go (he needs to keep Sara and Ray away from their future, so he selects Rory and Snart to take the piece. Sara essentially undermines her way in the group. In the mean time, Jax attempts to get some alone time with Kendra and approaches her for help with the boat, yet Stein misreads the circumstance and volunteers rather, leaving Ray and Kendra to help on an alternate piece of the boat.

Rip, Sara and the Rogues stroll through the rubble of Star City. Sara calls attention to that her dad and companions could never let the city fall like this... unless they were at that point dead.

Kendra and Ray play with one another until Stein furiously cuts them off. Stein understands that Jax is the one blowing up (by means of their mystic association). Stein gives Jax a motivational speech about Kendra, since Jax concedes he doesn't get an opportunity as Ray and Carter are/will be in the image, and advises his other half to have certainty.

Rip, Sara and the Rogues' outing is hindered by two adversary posses battling, one of which incorporates a Green Arrow. At the point when that Green Arrow gets shot, Sara (trailed by Rip) attempts to keep an eye on the toxophilite, while Mick and Snart choose to appropriate a store they saw a couple of squares back. The Rogues get halted by one of the packs and provokes their pioneer. Rory lights their chief and afterward joins the pack as their pioneer.

Sara defies the Green Arrow (who endure his shot) and discovers that Oliver kicked the bucket during "the Uprising" that wrecked Star City. Sara asks who began the Uprising, and Deathstroke walks around see accordingly. When Sara calls the new Deathstroke "Slade", he pulls off his cover and uncovers himself to be Grant Wilson, Slade's child. At the point when a portion of Deathstroke's goons hurry into the back street, Green Arrow swings away to wellbeing conveying Rip and Sara.

Jax flaunts a portion of his freshly discovered to certainty to Kendra, while Stein calls attention to Ray that he was playing with Kendra. Stein inconspicuously deters Ray from attempting to "attach" with Kendra, flaunting his partner aptitudes simultaneously.

Despite the fact that Rory is making the most of his new group, Snart proposes they discover Rip and Sara. Rory likes the future however, as it needs legends and cops.

Green Arrow discloses to Sara that Oliver attempted to stop Deathstroke, however everybody chose to empty. At the point when Rip says they have to go to Smoak Technologies, Green Arrow says that building was gotten out a long time prior, yet a portion of Felicity's ventures were moved to another area: the Arrow Cave. At the point when the three head into the Arrow Cave (which was destroyed after Grant outed Oliver as the first Green Arrow) they find a one outfitted, whiskery Oliver guarding the cavern.

The Arrowcave in the year 2046

The Arrowcave in 2046

Oliver tells in John Diggle Jr., to put down his bow, yet Diggle Jr. says that he passes by Connor Hawke now. Hawke says that he's been attempting to hold down the city without anyone else. Oliver says that everybody's either dead or proceeded to bring up (out that Sara and Ray never returned from their time travel experience) and that Felicity's things are being held in secure storeroom. He withdraws again into the shadows and advises everybody to leave.

Stein discloses to Jax that he effectively prevented Ray from seeking after Kendra...but after Jax leaves Ray strolls in and says thanks to Stein for calling attention to there was a flash among him and his partner.

Deathstroke scows into the posse's central station and says that he needs Green Arrow and his two colleagues dead before breakfast. Snart discloses to Rory its chance to proceed to spare their companions, however Rory's not excited about assisting and apparently leaving what's to come. Snart makes an arrangement: if Rory helps spare Sara and Rip, they can discuss Rory remaining later.

At the point when they get into Felicity's distribution center, Sara inquires as to whether he thought about Star City's annihilation. Tear guarantees her that, while this is an expected future, they can stop it by beating Savage and getting Sara and Ray back to the present. In spite of the fact that Rip finds the part they required, a portion of Deathstroke's goons break into the stockroom and assault the trio. The Rogues show up to "make the spare", however they find that the group captured Conner.

Sara needs to safeguard Connor, however Rip advises her that this future isn't "genuine". Then, Rory and Snart contend about remaining later on, yet Snart stops the contention by taking out his companion.

Back on the boat, Stein educates Jax regarding Ray and Kendra, yet Jax chills out. When Sara and the others return to the boat, she tells Stein and Jax that she's going to save Conner. Tear says they have one hour before the Waverider leaves...with or without them on board.

While Snart has a go at quieting his accomplice down, Rory cautions him that if Snart ever lays a hand on him, he'll consume.

Sara persuades Ollie to assist her with safeguarding Conner and gives him another bow (that she discovered prior in Felicity's distribution center).

Stein asks Rip for what reason he's preparing the Waverider to leave without Sara and afterward solicits him what's the point from halting Savage on the off chance that they become as corrupt as the scoundrels may be.

Deathstroke's men assemble to watch their pioneer execute Green Arrow. One of Deathstroke's men hauls Sara before the stage, yet she uncovers that she was only an interruption for Oliver, who's currently wearing a robo-arm. As Oliver takes out Deathstroke's men, Conner and Deathstroke go head to head. When Deathstroke gains the high ground, Oliver bounces into the battle by and by. Oliver and Conner bring down Deathstroke and Rip drives the remainder of the group to beat Deathstroke's pack.

Oliver Queen as Green Arrow (Earth-16)

Green Arrow is back!

Back at the Arrow Cave, Oliver says that he and Conner will be occupied with the city's criminal component with Deathstroke out of the picture. Sara offers to remain behind, however Oliver says that her strategic significant as well.

Jax catches Ray asking Kendra out. Kendra says that while she's complimented, her life is pretty complicated...with the entire Hawk god/resurrected darling/time travel crucial.

Sara says thanks to Rip for sending the group to back her up. Rip concedes that he discovered that each future merits sparing. At that point, the captain advises the group that they're going to hit Savage when he least expects it and flies the Waverider again into the timestream.



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Preparation ran from October 29 until November 6, 2015. Shooting ran from November 9 until November 20, 2015.[1]



  • When Grant Wilson is about to execute Connor, he places Connor's head on a chopping block. In doing so, Connor's sheaf of arrows blocks his neck, which would have prevented Wilson decapitating him.