The Star City Plaza Hotel is a hotel located in Star City. It is owned by Oliver Queen in some capacity.


In 2006, Oliver Queen spent a night at the hotel with two women.[1]

Sometime prior to spring 2016, the hotel's name was changed from Starling City Plaza Hotel to reflect the change in Star City's name.

In April 2016, the Star City Women's Advocacy Association held a gala and silent auction at the hotel. The event was located in the Liberty Ballroom and attended by Mayor Ruvé Adams. The evening was interrupted by the appearance of Evelyn Sharp under the guise of the Black Canary, who attacked the event, aiming to kill Ruvé; she had been seeking vengeance against H.I.V.E. for the death of her parents and uncovered the truth about Ruvé's association with the organization. Before Evelyn could confront Ruvé however, she was interrupted by the Green Arrow, who was able to talk her down by reminding her that the real Black Canary wouldn't have wanted this. Though Evelyn held Ruvé at gunpoint, she found herself unable to pull the trigger, and escaped the hotel while Ruvé's security forces descended upon the Green Arrow. The latter evaded capture by quickly escaping through a glass dome in the overhead ceiling.[2]

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