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"Oh, no. It's the SCPD. Okay. Apparently, criminals don't care how badly I need a girls' night."
Dinah Drake[src]

The Star City Police Department (SCPD), also known as the Star Metro Police or Star City Metro, is the police department of Star City. Before the city's name change, it was known as the Starling City Police Department (SCPD) or Starling City Metro.[1]


"This is the Starling City police. Put your weapons down and your hands up. You are all under arrest."
—SCPD officer[src]

Before Oliver Queen returned to Starling City, it was in a crime-infested state; the police were spread so thin they could barely deal with it. When Oliver began his mission as the green-hooded vigilante archer, "The Hood", he got the attention of the police. Now known as "The Arrow", Oliver is on the police department's most-wanted list. After Captain Quentin Lance disbanded the Anti-Vigilante task force, the department becomes the Arrow's ally.

After the Arrow was framed by League of Assassins for their crimes, Quentin reinstated the Anti-Vigilante task force, becoming the Arrow's enemy again, but thanks to the efforts of Roy Harper, he took the blame of being the Arrow; exonerate Oliver of the league's crimes and faked his own death, all members of the police department; excluding Quentin, believes the Arrow is dead.

During the 6 months, Oliver was retired from his life as a vigilante, the Starling City Police Department was renamed the Star City Police Department.

The rise of corruption inside of the Star City Police Department forces mayor Oliver to create an Anti-Crime Unit to deal; with the corruption inside and outside of the organization.

At some point, the wife of councilman Kullens died in a car accident; due to excessive drug use and the SCPD covered it up.[2]

The emergence of Ricardo Diaz in Star City became a problem; with several cops on his payroll; including former police captain, Kimberly Hill. His hold on them was so powerful that; the few; who were not on the take were either terminated from employment or murdered outright. As a result; the entire police department was under Diaz's payroll. But this changed; when Green Arrow; with his team along; with the FBI defeated Diaz and arrested all those; who were on his payroll, cleansing the department from Diaz's corruption.

Due to the citizens of Star City being aware that; Diaz had corrupted most other members of the SCPD, as a result; they have lost complete faith in the police department, as they have come to have more faith in vigilantes; such as the new Green Arrow.

Team Arrow was deputized; by the SCPD and later was turned into their special unit for the SCPD. Star City's faith in the police was eventually restored thanks to this collaboration.

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